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So I can't find it anywhere and figured I'd bounce off a few people.

Unlike other seasons, we're supposed to allow new players to join at level appropriate characters. With the minimal magic items this season and the use of inherit bonuses, should a new character get the lv+1, lv, and lv-1 gear bonuses?

If this is the case, I'd wait till level 4 to join then just assasinate the party ;)
Have them build their character with only the inherent bonuses, and if it seems appropriate that they should have one of the special magic items, you can give that to them on the fly.

I don't think Inherent bonuses stack with gear bonuses, do they? 
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Inherent bonuses don't stack.

New characters should come in with no magic gear. Maybe potions.
I am letting everyone join at level, with bonuses. While there are magic items I am letting them be rewards for being there all season. Given that it is more about the story, and less on combat, those extra bonuses are not mandatory.
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