Asher (divine warforged invoker mc avenger)

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Hey not sure if this is development or optimisation since I'm trying to optimise my development.

anyway backstory is as such.
Warforged Invoker - Well, the creation of the Warforged is a closely guarded secret.
The Gnomes (Creators of the Foundries) certainly were the experimenting type.
Mixing Divine with the Arcane, especially in something regarding 'Pseudo-life' is extremely dangerous...
But then again, Gnomes aren't known for their wise decision-making. :D

The 'Divine-Instilled' Warforged was an experimental line. They said it would be just as good, if not better.
What can be stronger than the might of the Gods? However, it seems the Gods don't appreciate meddling with the creation of Life...
You awoke in the Northern Wastes, 40 years after the war. Some Orcs thought the strange box that encased you would have something useful. Good thing you blasted them with holy light before they could dismantle you the hard way.
You have a vague idea of what you are. Your packaging marked you as a 'Divine-Instilled Warforge, Model Line DIW-X1'. The Gnomes that created you, unfortunately, have all but disappeared...
Perhaps seeking a purpose, or an answer... You travel the world.

Sorry for wall of text on my phone can't do spoiler tags

I've recently been melee training with our rogue and isant to add a melee touch to my char hence the avenger mc I am also looking to use it to up my single target dmg which is bad ATM. Got mostly aoe powers divine bolts and the such.

weilding a warforged armblade and am currently lvl6 looking to the future with this

Any help would be appreciated