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Hey folks. I'm working on a new deck that features some of the elements from Zombie decks as well as Rites decks. Would love some feedback and constructive critique. I have my deck posted on my blog here.

Basically the big components are Geralf's Messenger, Restoration Angel, Unburial Rites, Thragtusk, and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. Thanks in advance for reading and for your insight.

I'm pretty new, and not a good deck builder, but I like the list!

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Interesting list, but it looks a little scattered to me. 

You've got Gravecrawler and Messenger which scream Aggro, but they lack the back up they need to keep up pressure.

Then you've got Thragtusk + Restoration Angel. as well as Arbor Elf which makes me think of a more Mid-Range deck.

And then you have Unburial Rites and Mulch which makes me think of Reanimator, but you lack other major game-breaking targets for it (besides your 2 Thragtusk).

Personally, I think you should pick 1 game plan and just stick with it.  At least either decide if you want to be Aggro or Not. 

If you go the Aggro route, you'd want more 1-drop beaters to keep up pressure and I could see some off shoot of Reanimator poping up in place of removal and just try to bleed your oppoent dry of answers through sheer repetitive beatz.

If you don't want to go Aggro, then you're dropping Gravecrlawer and Messenger for stuff like Farseek and 2 more Arbor Elf and 2 More Thragtusk.  You could really give people headaches about just how many Thragtusks you play if you combined reanimation + blinking.  The life boon alone would help you stabalize VS Aggro and if you swing enough with 5 power creatures and 3//3 tokens I hear people eventually die.  More blinking effects would be something like Cloudshift and you could dig into another set of reanimation spells if you wanted, Black has one (Rise from the Grave) and White has one (Defy Death).
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I disagree a little with that. I like how Messenger fits with this deck, opponent taking 2 damage every time he enters the field, whether it be from
Being sacrificed, unburial rights, or resto angel.(which also clears his counters)

Maybe Lotleth Troll could see some play here as well, discarding grave crawler to pump him up, which puts more creatures in the GY as well.
There are better targets out there than reanimating a Messenger.  Yes, you COULD do it, but why?  He's got Thragtusk. 

+5 life and a 5/3 that when it leaves play you get a 3/3 seems a much better target than a 3/2 that if it dies once it becomes a 4/3, and you can get a 4 points of life loss to the opponent.

Same thing with blinking targets.  Would you rather get a +5 life, a 5/3 and a 3/3 OR have them lose 2 life and gain a tapped 3/2?

Now, if you can set up a combo where you play Messenger and then set up a loop of saccing and blinking him until the other guy is dead, then more power to you, but I don't think you can get the 4 blinks needed for lethal 20 easily, and if they're running life gain, it get's even harder.

Magic is a game about resource management, and you want to get the most out of the cards you play.

I'm not a big fan of the Troll, seems like you have to run too many cards to make him good.  But that's just me.
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looks like a sub-optimal build of junk reanimator

also, post lists in this forum, linking is tedious for readers 

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Just play ghoulcaller's chant.  For four you can return geralf's to your hand and recast it. Then dump the mulch package for stuff that actually does stuff like blood artist and some sac outlets.
Pretty much as Junk Reanimator....You can see Fright Reanimator list from Daily MTG Daily Decklist archive

I would want to add 4 Lingering Souls and 1-2 Craterhoof Behemoth. Having Craterhoof with those flyers will easily end games. Unsure about Geralf...tapped can be annoying

Please post your list than link on your thread...spam reason

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