How To Choose Player for Stuffy Doll

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I got a Stuffy Doll in a draft in the New Player format and when I played it, I was told to choose a player.  Two targets showed up on each username/avatar, but clicking did nothing.  I could never figure out what to do and eventually the time ran out and I just lost the round.
You have to click on the opponents Avatar (if you want to choose him).
Is it possible that is a bug?  That was the first thing I tried.  Is there some way to practice stuff like that?
Assuming you are using the current client after clicking on your opponent their avatar should be highlighted and you then need to click ok.
I'm not sure about the beta client but there was a bug with targeting your opponent but I thought that was on the last fix list.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

This is currently a bug in the wide beta client.  It's been fixed internally and that fix will go out in an upcoming build.  
I was using the Beta client.  Not good for new players then, thanks.