Hammerfast and the festival of the eye

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I asked this in the dm forum but got no joy so will try it here-
My party has just travelled to Hammerfast and is going to take part in the festival of eye's main event. I am playing the event as an encounter where the entrants are eliminated once bloodied. There are going to be 26 entrants in all (6 of which are the pc's). I was wondering if anyone else has tackled this or had their dm try it, as it is in one of the published town guides, and if so what they did
I am not familiar with any of the published town guides on this mechanic. However, if you are trying to do a "fight club" then my advice would be...don't.
4e is not set up for PvP. I actually tried a fight club in my campaign and it was the most stressful and combatitive time we had as a group. I hope you are talking about something else. 
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