11/7/2012 LI: "The Decks of Return to Ravnica, Part 3"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Trestle Troll, Ogre Jailbreaker, Rubbleback Rhino. All 'immune' to Traitorous Instinct to boot. Whenever I'm drafting the multicolor-golgari Axebane Guardian deck, I don't have that much trouble with Rakdos. The aggro Izzet decks with Pursuit of Flight and Teleportal are a scarier matchup for that deck.
There really aren't any one-mana guys you want to play in a control deck, ever, except for the occasional rare (hi Deathrite Shaman). Not a whole lot of 2-drops either for that matter (obviously there are some great ones like Frostburn Weirds). There's a reason these are "control" decks - not really because they control the board, but simply because they aren't playing cheap aggressive creatures. They're playing larger creatures that trump those, slightly later.  
I don't know where else to post this than on the limited play column's thread, although it is probably a development issue. Not sure if this column's thread has enough posters/readers, but I know that I would like some kind of answer from Wizards (it is development, Maro, a columnist, anyone).

Can I say that I think this time Wizards made a big big mistake? They get a lot of things right, I am not the typical guy who complains every other set, but this time they really got it wrong: what's wrong, you ask? MOST. BORING. LIMITED. FORMAT. EVER. Frown

Everyone who wants to win a draft feels compelled to force Radkos, or at max Rakdos with a splash (tipically Golgari). The deck is really too much strong and too much fast; often you can't recover from one of its casual common two-drops. The deck is so strong that everyone forces it, even if 4+ people are drafting it at the table (seen especially in Magic On-Line), because, since its stronger cards are typically commons and some uncommons, a "bad" Rakdos deck is normally able to beat any other kind of deck, even if you were cut cards from your right AND your left. It's an aggro on steroids that totally warps the format. No wonder if the pros mainly discuss about what 2 or 3 drops is better for the deck: they correctly identified it as THE deck, and they don't even lose time considering other viable options.

And it would be enough bad if it was only a case of a limited format clearly dominated by just one deck and one combination of colors. But there is more: this is Ravnica! You can't advertise for RAVNICA (and all the buzz that the mere word generates) and then give us THAT! I mean, everyone who played Ravnica, back in the days, has fond memories of incredible five-colors concoctions, where you actually had the option to try to control the game and win with your 7cc splashed bombs. I remember having won a tournament where I played Simic Sky Swallower</a> as a splash (I mean: both of its colors were splashed!). Now the option of five colors-control is totally erased by the mere presence of Rakdos: this is no Boros; Boros at the time was aggro, but not so aggro and not so totally dominant; most Rakdos drops at 1, 2 or 3 feels so... wrong. Especially in Ravnica. This is Ravnica. Gives us Ravnica back!!!!
Sounds like you need to get yourself into some Sealed Deck, which is fun and balanced.
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