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Guys, I´m going to run a series of adventures, for some new players.

I´m thinking on making this small campaign happening in the a distant past, in a decadent Akrosian empire, ruled by evil dragonborn. I´m going to drawn some inspiration from Iomandra, as the setting is going to be heavily naval oriented, and dragonborn ruled. I want´to make it a land where humans have being deprived of their gods, most non dragon gods being forbidden and eventually forgotten, so there is going to be some things I might look at the Darksun stuff for it. The power structure would be similar to the large roman empire, and I would pick some cultural inspiration from it for the dragonborn as well.

The mini campaign theme, would be around the rediscovery of the forgotten gods, the freedom of an enslaved people, political decadence, war and the eventual fall of the empire, but I want to start really small and see where it goes.

I´m just in brain-storm stage, and I don´t really have time to develop all myself so I want´it to be mostly picking stuff from several sources and putting it together, re-skinning, adapting.

Any Dungeon / Dragon articles worth reading that would enhance the described themes? Books? even non 4ED&D are welcome.
Here is an adventure taking place in a ruined Arkhosian citadel:
Here is an adventure taking place in an abandoned Arkhosian city:

There was a dragonborn book that detailed a lot of what Arkhosia was like. Interestingly they did not worship Bahamut as often as Ioun, Kord, and Erathis but they built grand temples that often stood empty.

Darksun would work well since the Thri-Kreen are part of a tribal empire to the south west of the CoN map that were dominated by the Arkhosian empire. The Tieflings later turned all of the Arkhosian empire into a great desert so you could place the game in an Arkhosia that withstood that attack. 
As a note the worship of the wrong gods is attributed with the fall of Arkhosia. Trying to seek out the Platinum Temple which contains a gate to Bahamut's domain on the Astral Sea as part of a quest to restore the rightful god of the Dragonborn could be a great adventure hook.
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