11/6/2012 SF: "Old Time Rock and Roll"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Thanks again buddy! I had a blast. It was just like old times, but some things never change, like you walking away the winner! HAHA! Well there's always next time right....
And here I thought the Rakdos and Selesnya options were more flavorful variations on 'yes' and 'no'...with Rakdos being 'nope, every man for himself - I enjoy the slaughter of NOOBS' and Selesnya being 'Oh yes, through bolstering the community I will improve my experience.' You could have played it off as being clever and I would have been none the wiser.
I'm glad you got to relive some good times though. I've built pauper decks from my old cards a time or two for similar reasons.
I love what Emberwilde Djinn does to attack left games. Real nice dynamics.
thanks for posting this ... was a blast to read and takes me back to just a few years before I took my overly long hiatus ... excited to be back and this article reminds me of the good ole days ... seeing that box brings back vivid memories of opening my first box of Mirage with friends, what a day! 
As someone who has seen a Mirage booster box in person, I now feel kinda special (and old, too).

As someone who instantly fell in love with the art and flavor of Mirage and Visions, I greatly enjoyed this article. It really took me back -- while I never actually played with sealed decks at that time, what I built back then was probably around the same power-level, so it seemed very familiar anyway. 

Started at Ice Age so this brought back memories!
Very flavourful block, I especially remembered the Askari knights fondly. My first succesful deck consisted of these combined with burn.
RTM: Return to Mirage :-)


I too, have seen Mirage boxes... in ye olden days! (Started w/ Ice Age) I think the game was very well set-up.

Any chance of seeing what the playmats were for yourself and your buddies? Always nice to see what people play on.
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