Cleric multiclassing with Sentinel Initiate: not getting healing word power

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I have a question regarding Sentinel Initiate. I am playing a Cleric and I was looking for a feat to get staff implements. I saw this one and it looked cool. An extra use of healing word sounded great. However, I don't seem to be getting the extra use of healing word. I had expected to get an extra "daily" power for healing word on my character sheet (I'm using the official character builder here on the site).

For easiness this is the description of Sentinel Initiate

Sentinel Initiate [Multiclass Druid] Prerequisite: Wisdom 13 Benefit: You gain training in the Nature skill.     Once per day, you can use the druid’s healing word power. You also gain proficiency with staff and totem implements.

Now my question is, is this normal ? Maybe because I'm a cleric and already have healing word power that I cannot get another one ? Or is this a bug in the character builder. Sorry of this is kind of a noob question, but in my group we are all kinda new to d&d

Thanks !


Builder bug.  Worth reporting.
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Ok thank you, I'll see if I can report it somehow
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