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An Interview with David R. Megarry

ByJames Maliszewski

If you started roleplaying in the late 1970s, as I did, odds are very good that your introduction to the hobby was Dungeons & Dragons. My first foray into the D&D rules was through the 1977 Basic Set edited by Dr J. Eric Holmes, which my mother purchased through a department store catalog in the summer of 1979. She originally bought it for my father, thinking he might be interested since he had been talking a lot about D&D (owing to many news stories about it at the time). As it turned out, that Basic Set instead ended on a shelf in the upstairs linen closet of my suburban Baltimore home, where I often eyed it with curiosity. It would not be until nearly the end of that year, during Christmas break from my school, that I finally took the game down myself and opened it for the first time.

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Bestiary Archive
Displacer Cube
By Daniel Dean

Last year, we held the latest of our Creature Competitions—this time, focusing on hybrids. After asking for your hybrid creations, we arranged a series of duels between sixteen lethal (and occasionally thoroughly quirky) contestants. In the end, your votes put the displacer cube on top of them all as the fan favorite.

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