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Legends & Lore
High-Level Play

By Mike Mearls

At one point in the process of designing D&D Next, we took a long, hard look at capping the game at 10th level. Most people don't play at high levels. Campaigns sputter out, people want to try new characters, and the game has traditionally become much more complex as each new level adds on more and more stuff.

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This Week in D&D
Dungeon! with Kids 
How to Grow a Little D&D Gamer of Your Own
By Nina Hess

Several years ago, I was interviewed on the radio about my book A Practical Guide to Monsters. For those of you who don’t know (or suspect), there are many people in the entertainment industry who are closet Dungeons & Dragons geeks (Colbert! Conan!). After doing a lot of radio interviews that year, I came to realize D.J.s and talk jocks also rank high on that list.

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