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All discussion for Token decks of all kinds goes here.

Deck lists to come pending formatting fixes.
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A Populating token deck is what I'm working on.  So far:

Call of the Conclave: no surprise here.  It's a card which appears in plenty of decks, so it's the cornerstone for a token deck.
Growing Ranks: recurring Populate on the (relative) cheap.
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage: Populates without spending cards or tapping.
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice:  Lifegain and slightly cheaper Populate, but must tap.
Centaur's Herald:  while other 1-drops are better for most decks, getting tokens out by turn 3 provides Populating targets for the Guildmage on turn 4 or Ranks on turn 5, but there are only four Calls to be made. Harriet the Herald limits the risk, so there's a turn 2 or 3 token per 7.5 cards in the deck.
Grove of the Guardian: fat fat fatties.
Wayfaring Temple: this guy loves him some tokens.  He wants them.  All of them.
Phantom General: he rivals the Wayfarer in his affection, but he's a giver, not a taker.
Moonsilver Spear:  if you're going to Populate, why not do it in style?  1/1 birds can't hold the air; 4/4 angels do.  It's also fun to give a spear to the Grove's elemental: 8/8 Vigilant First Striker spawning an angel each turn; just might end a stalled board.  This and Grove are the deck's mid- to late-game options.  Everything else is ideally up to speed by turn 4.
Oblivion Ring:  gotta have some removal.
Rootborn Defenses and Druid's Deliverance: nice tricks with Populate.
Avacyn's Pilgrim and Selesnya Keyrune: ramp and more mana.  I ain't saying it's a golddigger, but I...  wait, that's exactly what I'm saying.  This deck will spend all you've got, every turn.
Temple Grove is great.  A full set would be ideal.
Selesnya Gate and Sunpetal Grove help early s, but weakens Arbor Elfs.
I would cut 2 of the Trostani's for 2 more Restoration Angels mainboard. 
I would also  the 2 parallel lives for Oblivion Rings or even 2 Copies of Vraska 
I'm not sure about the 4 RIP the Ray of Revelation has to go, I would replace those 2 cards with a mix of Sundering Growth an Rootborn Defences, (as both populate as well only powers up your deck) or even look at a couple of abrupt decays. Also if you have to play RIP graveyard hate for your meta game, then Play 4 copies of Deathrite Shaman, he is just better in every way then RIP in your deck, as he now become's utility for lifegain and an offensive card in your drawn out grinder/stalemate games. Plus he even gets to work as an early chump! 

Also Loxodon Smitter can be traded out for Centaur Healer, with uping the deck to 4 Resto's (2 main 2 side board) the Healer gives you the body and life needed to gain an maintain PW control for the rest of the game..

Other Notable Card(s) Rancor (I have seen that card in this deck and it is Brutal)
Possibly Sigarda to Hexproof solve any problems you might have with a control deck
Liliana of the Veil
Garruk Relentless (for sackin tokens into Armada Wurms Thragtusk 
Possibly Wolfir Silverheart too boost tokens into monsters 
after that I guess wait till the next set to see if Orhzov brings anymore arsenal to the table! LOL

This could become a Tier 1 deck if the metagame continues the way it is, so your fine with this deck if you make a couple tweaks an changes, it is very resilient and offers alot of threat possibilities! 
Rancor is awful in Tokens.

The trick with tokens in this format is not to be cute. Your strategy is all about attrition. It's almost a Superfriends deck; each Planeswalker you play gives you more and more attritional advantage, until you overwhelm the opponents resources or just blow them out.

I'll dig up my tokens list at home today.
Building and testing have helped me trim the potential cards in this token deck down to size.  Moonsilver Spear was too slow.  Grove of the Guardian has been underwhelming.  Selesnya Guildgate is a trap; terrible consequences against Rakdos and RDW while hurting Arbor Elf's ability.  Selesnya Keyrune is out for the same reason.   Wayfaring Temple, Intangible Virtue and Phantom General are better for decks with cards which spawn multiple tokens, so they're out.  Planeswalkers with token abilities have the same problem.

Current Deck:
4x Call of the Conclave:  the cornerstone.
4x Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage:  Populate engines.
2x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice: lifegain, Populate, and a great blocker.  Too bad it's legendary. 
4x Avacyn's Pilgrim: ramp and mana fixing.
4x Arbor Elf: more ramp, he can also use Temple Garden for .
4x Centaur's Herald: can block/sac, and splitting the from the helps.
2x Slime Molding: early stopgap or late behemoth.  I often use it too late, which is a common mistake with X costs.
4x Selesnya Charm: 2/2 V Knight or bomb removal.  Vigilant tokens are surprisingly useful.
4x Oblivion Ring: great targeted removal.
2x Collective Blessing:  Game-ending bomb.
2x Parallel Lives: flood of tokens.

4x Temple Garden
4x Sunpetal Grove 
14x Forest
2x Plains

4x Sundering Growth: devastating against artifact- or enchantment-heavy opponents.
4x Rest in Peace or Grafdigger's Cage: graveyard hate, I think RIP is slightly better.
4x Rootborn Defenses: protection against Wrath effects.
3x Heroes' Reunion: early stopgap against Rakdos/RDW until Centaur tokens are out in force.

There are a few other cards I've considered for the deck, like Rancor, but ended up excluding.  Thragtusk may fit somewhere, but I'm not sure what should be cut for it.
why not run simic charm over giant growth and aetherize over gridlock? or even sleep over gridlock? also this list feels like it has way too many counters and spells to buff creatures, but not a whole lot of creatures...and virtually no token generation.
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Lands: 24
3x Forest
3x Plains
3x Gavony Township
2x Isolated Chapel
2x Overgrown Tomb
3x Sunpetal Grove
4x Temple Garden
2x Woodland Cemetery
2x Godless Shrine         
Creatures: 4
4x Wayfaring Temple

Spells: 19
4x Farseek
4x Call of the Conclave
4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Lingering Souls
3x Selesnya Charm

Enchantments: 3
3x Oblivion Ring
Planeswalkers: 10
3x Ajani, Caller of the Pride
3x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
2x Garruk, Primal Hunter       

   (still in developement)
3x Abrupt Decay
1x Oblivion Ring
2x Ground Seal
2x Rest in Peace
2x Sundering Growth
2x Merciless Eviction?
3x Ultimate Price

Not sure about Farseek. Might be better as Intangible Virtue or something along those lines.
Threw out Trostani, VG GM, Herald, and more!  Some changes are minor, like including a full playset of the mana dorks.  Other changes are much more fundamental, like eschewing Trostani and the guildmage.

The core of the deck is Wayfaring Temple; hordes of 1/1 tokens from Fungal Sprouting, Lingering Souls, or Increasing Devotion give him much of his strength.  When he hits an opponent, he can Trample blockers, and Populate one of the stronger tokens--the centaur, the knight, or preferably Grove of the Guardian's 8/8 Elemental.

Mentor of the Meek also provides an important role in the deck.  His ability to draw cards off mana dorks, bears, or most tokens makes it easy to gain the card advantage to launch Grove of the Guardian, get Gavony Township up and running, or cast expensive spells like Collective Blessing or Increasing Devotion and it's flashback.  (I'm considering adding dorks, for this, too.)  These little pieces continue to work until Collective Blessing gets out.

There's a splash of , just to flash back Lingering Souls, as the deck lacks a strong aerial presence.

1x Forest  (Considered Woodland Cemetery, which doesn't work with Arbor Elf and is always tapped on a t1 play)
2x Gavony Township
3x Godless Shrine/Isolated Chapel
2x Grove of the Guardian
4x Overgrown Tomb
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Temple Garden

4x Arbor Elf                      Ramp
4x Avacyn's Pilgrim           Ramp
4x Call of the Conclave    3/3 token
2x Fungal Sprouting         X 1/1 tokens 
2x Increasing Devotion    5 1/1 tokens, 10 1/1 tokens
4x Lingering Souls           2 1/1 flyers,  2 1/1 flyers
2x Mentor of the Meek     Draws cards off tokens/dorks
3x Wayfaring Temple       Populates

2x Collective Blessing      Boost weenies of army
3x Druid's Deliverance     Populates
3x Rancor                        Best on Wayfaring Temple
2x Rootborn Defenses    Populates
4x Selesnya Charm         2/2 vigilant / Removal /minor buff

Best experience so far:

Mana dorks on t1 and t2, Lingering Souls t3, Collective Blessing t4, Grove of the Guardian's 8/8 Vigilant t5, and Fungal Sprouting for 11 4/4s on t6.  The 11/11 elemental was now attacking with the 4/4 dorks and spirits.  Opponent needed a wrath effect, but it wasn't there.  No decks work perfectly every time, but it's awesome when it happens.
Here is the deck I am working with right now:
Lands (22):
3x forest
4x isolated chapel
4x overgrown tomb
4x temple garden
4x sunpetal grove
1x woodland cemetery
2x gavony township

Creatures (17):
4x avacyn's pilgrim
4x arbor elf
4x trostani, selesnya's voice
4x thragtusk
2x armada wurm

Other Spells (18):
4x intangible virtue
2x selesnya charm
4x lingering souls
2x parallel lives
3x sorin, lord of innistrad
3x garruk, primal hunter
2x entreat the angels

1x ray of revelation
4x rest in peace
4x loxodon smiter
1x oblivion ring
2x sever the bloodline
2x restoration angel
1x armada wurm

It seems to be working really well so far, any advice would be appriciated

a 1 of seance would be perfect in this deck.
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