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Okay a little backgrond info my group is playing a game where my charater is a sword mage and the youngest son of a noble family in a cityy that outlaws magic to the point if any one other than my friends found out i use magic lets say i'm essentially burned at the stake.(great for meFrown)( i'm also an evil character ) and our cityy is at war with 2 other citty nations. there is a third city state that allows magic and at one point a great archmage lead them to conquest but was beatten back(hence why magic is out lawed) recently our city was under attack from one of the other two nations and we won and my character is now married to a member of the royal family. 

My character is motivated to become the next arch mage and gain as much power as possible and being evil my character would be willing to do almost anything to get what he wants.

so my question is what is a better option for me should i stay with this city and attempt to convert it to magic loving or should i betray this city and swear alegence to the citystate of magic? or if you have any other ideas i'd love to hear some i'm not much of a tactical thinker.
Based on what you've said here, I would betray the starting city if I were in your shoes.  You've stated you have an evil character living in a city that would kill you for what you are.  As such, I see no reason why you would have any loyalty or even any want to see the city survive.  I would do my best to betray the city to one of the others, with the additional possibility of being named the new leader of the conquered city(under the new ruling city, of course) if you could swing it.  How long you stay loyal to the new conquering city would depend on how well you're treated there.  If you don't want to be a leader under the new city, even if you're just acting the part, then the second choice would be to betray the city and watch it get destroyed.
oh thats a good idea
What kind of game is your DM running? Is it an anything-goes set-up, or is there a storyline in mind? It makes a big difference between a shades-of-grey campaign and you being the odd man out in a forces-of-good game.

What is the rest of the group like? I know your character is evil, but what about the others? Are they productive contributors to good, acting out of self-interest, loyal to the city, etc? What would their reactions be to you attempting to screw over your native city - support, indifference, or hostility?

I ask because I can't tell if you've actually mentioned your hopes to your DM. If s/he has plans that run contrary to your own, then you might find your ideas of betraying the city or usurping power will be dashed. If your DM isn't comfortable with you doing something, it's probably not going to happen, especially if you try to spring something on your DM.
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Something like Tactical Shift is more magical than martial healing.
Telling someone to move over a few feet is magical now? :| I weep for this generation.
Given the laziness and morbid obsesity amongst D&Ders, being able to convince someone to get on their feet, do some heavy exercise, and use their words to make them be healthier must seem magical.
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D&D definitely improves mental health; Just as long as you stay away from these forums ;)
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