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I am new to D&D and am in the process of trying to create my first character. I have gotten everything figured out, but I am running into a little bump in the road. In the back story of my character he was a Cleric in training for a deity. Said deity demanded extreme devotion from his/her followers, to such an extent that they sent their current Clerics to kill a group of ex-clerics that were now worshipping a different set of deities. After their Clerics accomplished said goal they burnt down an entire library worth of books, saying it was all blasphemy against their god. While there are various deities which would do this, the problem I am having is it has to be one which commonfolk (Non-savage Humans) wouldn't look down on someone for openly worshipping.

We are playing with 3.5 rules, however my DM doesn't seem to care about whether deities come from any set of rules before or after 3.5. I know I could just make up a random deity, but I am doing my best to run off of a canon one.

Anyone who could help me out would be greatly appreciated. 
I'm not too familiar with various D&D deities, but Vecna pops to mind.  Vecna is the evil god of secrets, knowledge, and magic.  And, in 4e at least, Vecna is at deadly odds with Ioun, the unaligned god of magic and knowledge.  While Vecna would seek to control and hide knowledge, Ioun and her followerers seek to spread knowledge and truth.

Though, really, any organization that is discovered to have knowledge that Vecna would wish to remained secret would be considered "heretical".  For Vecna has many enemies and few friends.

However, Vecna is definately not a deity to be worshipped openly.  Though I really can't think of many that would also support slaughtering and library burning, which both have a debately evil bent.  Though "evilness" would depend on the circumstances as well.

St. Cuthbert, who is in the 3.5 Player's Handbook, might be a good choice depending on the nature of the ex-clerics.  He's the lawful neutral god of retribution and exacts just punishment on those who have transgressed the law, so he has a more no-nonsense, military bent than most other gods.
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Who are the other clerics, which god do they worship, and what part of their teachings were blasphemous in the eyes of your character's tradition? I would start there. I would also echo what Fire said about some of the magic deities.

A group of clerics with a library in D&D generally means a god of knowledge and magic, which is probably going to be Ioun, Boccob, Mystra, or Azuth, someone like those. Mystra is chaotic good, Azuth, I'm fairly certain he is straight lawful, Boccob and Ioun are both neutral/unaligned.

Shar is a classic against Mystra, I'd recommend Velsharoon against Azuth, and Vecna for the rest. Again, like Fire said, you're not going to find a whole lot of non-evi deities that have their followers burn down the knowledge of people who don't agree with them.
Quite literally anybody would work here.  Any group of followers could be sufficiently fanatic enough to come to such a laughable conclusion and perform such a travesty.

To determine your character's diety, start with what he believes and work from there.  So ... what does he believe?  What's his philosophy?
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 I'd personally start from Salla's suggestion of a fanatical (possibly heretical) fringe sect of some otherwise more benevolent god... Good intentions, road to hell, etc...
Perhaps the ex-clerics had come across some sort of texts that disputed some point of religious dogma the character's former sect was fanatical about.
Erathis might work, if the ex-clerics had some tomes pertaining to Things Man Was Not Meant To Know in their library.


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Thanks to all of you for helping me out. I had to change some things around, but after researching all the deities mentioned, I am going to go with Vecna as his old deity. With the various subsets of followers he has, such as The Eyes of Vecna, it definitely allows for what I was wanting.

And to answer some of the questions which you all asked, he is a Human Archivist which believes that knowledge should be available to all, regardless of how it might be used one day. Whether he has to party with Good aligned characters or Evil is irrelevant to him, as long as in the end he is uncovering secrets and allowing them to be known to the general populace.
Quite literally anybody would work here.  Any group of followers could be sufficiently fanatic enough to come to such a laughable conclusion and perform such a travesty.

Well, it is possible that those books detail the summonings of monstrous otherwordly forces and this group of clerics that got burned was about to get down to something very nasty. Just saying.
Bane might be a good option as well... or even Cyric.  These two are not openly worshipped a whole lot, Bane more than Cyric though.  Both are part of the Forgotten Realms Pantheon.
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I'm thinking St. Cuthbert. His priests walk around with a cudgel to keep their followers in line. He's a stern one. He'd probably be just fine with his priests burning a bunch of 'foolishness'. Foolishness can be beaten... or burned.
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