Any ideas for random magic item generation?

Has anyone made, or have any thoughts on generating random magic items In the 4th play test packet? I'm trying to come up with something similar to 3.5E on page 216 in the DMG, but haven't been able to make anything reasonable.

Well it might help if you think of all magic items as a wand of spell storing.

Thurgood the Paladin reached inside the sack of spell catching and hurled a fireball across the distance at the Partchment-dry Mummy. The undead thing burned to the cheers of the gathered villagers.

Oh you mean a random generator? Just look at the power of the Party and allocate a collection of objects that can store spells. Some weaker objects might only handle specific spell categories - like the Necromancer's Urn which only stores necromantic spells, while other items might handle a specific spell power: The Bag of Winds Which would only store a Gust of Wind Spell.

The Citadel Megadungeon:
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