New Player help with elves

Hi all,

First time poster.  I have a blue/green wild mongrel madness deck that basically plays sending the wild mongrels, basking rootwalas, arrogant wurms and roar of the wurm as a creature base.  Blue supports with circular logic and aether bursts.  Most of the time this deck fares pretty well, but it has problems with elves imparticular.  Once a wellwisher gets out, I can do basically nothing since theyre gaining more life each turn than I can deal even if the opponent didnt block.

So my question is how to deal with elves without splashing a third color.  Let me know if you need more information to help me out.  Thanks. 
Let me clarify also, Im not looking for a way to modify the deck to only be good against elves, Im trying to include something thats generally good that allows me to deal with elves or green swarm in general.
Just so you're aware, you're posting in a defunct forum for a horrible video game, not the actual card game help thread. That's why its so dead.
Try reposting over here
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