Dungeon Command: Suggested New Use for Treasure Tokens

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     I really like the game and the idea. Perhaps what I have come up will make the game a bit more interesting!
     I have been thinking on how to use treasure tokens and an idea popped into my head. In the board game, a creature you control moves up onto the treasure chest, that flips over and a number of 1 to 3 tokens appear. Then you spend a standard action to 'loot' the token and gain a morale point. Well, thats kewl and all but this is Dungeon and Dragons after all!
     What I suggest is this: Create a treasure deck that when you collect a treasure token, you can turn it in to the 'bank' and draw from the treasure deck. Instead of getting the morale point, you get some kind of treasure! Now what is in the treasure deck you may ask? I suggest these possible 'item' categories:
            1-Treasure: gems, coin stacks, art objects, etc...  -> these give 1-3 morale points! (Most common cards)
            2- Monster! This will cause a monster to jump out of the pile and be a royal pain to both or more players! Like for example - Geletinous Cube, level 4 monster, large, invisible (almost), have to be adjacent to creature to 'see' it, 220 hit points, move: shift 3, large size, attacks: melee, reach 2, damage 30 acid and grab, minor action, creature grabbed, envelope - immediate damge 20 acid and 20 acid damage per creature activation, creature once grabbed my spend a standard and move action to escape, once escaped, creature can shift half its speed, rounded down. Cube can have up to 3 medium or smaller creatures grabbed or one large creature. If creature dies while grabbed and or enveloped, cube regains number of hit points equal to the creatures max hit points up to its maximum, after that if there is left over hit points, then halve the remander, rounded up, becomes temporary hit points. These temporary hit points stack! If cube is not damaged and a creature dies, it will gain temporary hit points equal to half the max hit points of the dead creature rounded up. If enveloped, must spend entire set of actions to escape and take half damage from the experience. The cube takes 10 less damage from any source (Must be melee since range it cannot be seen to target). The group that defeats the monster immediately gain the following: 3 morale points, 4 leadership points, treasure chest, (more on monsters in a bit).
            3- Magical Items - these act like the order cards that attach to the creature that discover's it and gain a certain useful benefit for example: Potion of healing, minor action: target regains 20 hit points and then discards the card. Or, Dagger of Venom, equiped humanoid creature gains: ranged 5 attack +10 poison damage, melee attack +20 poison damage, creature hit with poison takes on their next activation 10 pooison damage, creature affected can spend a standard action to remove the effect. Elementals and Undead are immune to poison. Or, Cloak of Stealth, equiped creature gains the following: minor action, Stealth, creature becomes invisible until it attacks, once visible, can spend a minor action on next activation to become invisible.
          4- Junk! These remove 0-3 morale points!
          5- Cursed Items! example, Backbiter Spear, creature finding this gains the following: range 10, must target ally, damage 30 or if no ally in range (except if one is adjacent), must attack adjacent ally or if none adjacent attack self, melee attack: target adjacent ally or self, damage 20, creature must spend a standard action and make a ranged or melee attack. To remove the item, a total of creature levels assist must equal the curse level or higher of the cursed item to discard it.
          6- Event! Earth quake! Dungeon wide effect, example, if in dungeon, small tremor occurs, all creatures knocked prone (if have flying or burrow, not affected) and must spend a move action to stand. Or, released ancient healing ritual! All living creatures regain 20 hit points or if at max, 20 temporary hit points.

      Now to explain the monster cards a bit more. Who controls it? The player on the left makes the decisions on it's activities; targets, movement, actions until it is defeated. The defeat of all the monsters will always give the player who killed it (killing blow) the rewards the monster is worth.     
     There are 1-7 levels of monsters, the Cube above is a level 4. Why so many hit points? Well, they are monsters and deserve repect since it is their dungeon you are having a skirmish in and like anyone, does not take kindly to folks fighting in their lair.
     Suggested monsters: level 1 -  skeleton, centipede swarm, maggot pile, Ooze puddle, ect. Hit point range 60-100. Level 2 -  wraith, pudding blob, termite horde, zombie, ect. Hit Point range 80-120. Level 3 - wight, Ant army, Green Slime, Stirge flock. Hit Point range 100 - 160. Level 4 -  Geletinous Cube, Spectre, Baby Blood Spider Swarm, Ghoul, etc. Hit point range 140 - 220. Level 5 - Grey Ooze, Ghost, Abyssal Hornet Swarm, Zombie Ogre, ect. Hit point range 180 - 260. Level 6 - Brown Mold, Vile Locust Plague, Death Knight, Lich, ect. Hit point range 220 - 300. And finally, Level 7 beasties - Mimic, Terror Gnats, Umbral Shade, Horror Guard, ect. Hit Point range 260 - 340.
    The treasure deck should contain at least one monster of each level, but any combination will do. When a monster's defeat rewards a treasure chest token, the draw from that token will not result in another monster card, if drawn, put to side and then shuffle back into the deck after all trerasure card pulls are completed. Getting a treasure chest token for a reward does not cause you to spend standard actions, you immediatley gain those treasue token(s) to spend.

Well, this is my idea on the boring treasure tokens!
OH! Almost forgot! About the monsters I suggested above, it activates each turn and is the last creature to be activated. Example - After the last creature you control is done activating, the player on the left will now activate the monster and perform the actions for it. Thus, the monster activates on each player's turn. Players can play order cards on the monster as long as it is a legal target for the card.
Love the idea and thinking about how to make my own now. 

For my deck, I would probably leave out the monster and cursed item options in lieu of traps. The trap would do either straight damage or an attachable effect that can be "healed" like other attachable effects. This trap could be overcome if triggered by a creature with sufficient stat (most likely DEX 3+) which would  add a bit more strategy on who you send to check chests (rogue anyone?)

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