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Currently, I have a mono green Elf/Beast deck. Classic overrun beater that loses to pretty much every creature with flying. I was thinking of possibly merging that with my Destroy Everything deck, but the big question is what general would work with those two themes. A deck that is built to cause widespread destruction, merged with an overrun deck.
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It wouldn't be merging, but kinda sounds like you want a token deck.  I'd reccomend Ghave, Guru of Spores.  Black/wahite/green gives you access to destruction (both targetted and mass) for all types of permanents, And overrunning with tokens means you have room for all that destruction because you don't need a ton of creatures.
to help combat flyers in mono green you could usespidersilk armor. it was a staple in many of my green decks, and is in my wort, the raidmother token conspire deck.  both green and red have some sweet spells for tokens such as Spontaneous Generation and Beacon of Creation in green to empty the warrens and goblin offensive in red.  these spells when combined with Wort's conspire ability and/or a double effect such as Doubling Season will make a ton of tokens, and they pair well with both Kyren Negotiations and mob justice

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