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The picture and accompanying text of the example on page 13 of the Drow Rulebook does not make sense.  Here is the text:

"The War Wizard has line of sight and a clear shot at the Shadow Mastiff.  If the Mastiff were on square A, the War Wizard would have line of sight to it, but no clear shot because of the wall. The Mastiff would have cover from the War Wizard’s ranged attack and would be able to tap to dodge it.  If the Mastiff were on square B, the War Wizard would not have line of sight to it. It would be blocked by the edge of the wall."

1) The example says that the War Wizard can completly see the Shadow Mastiff where it is postioned.... meaning, he can see ALL FOUR CORNERS. 

2) The example also says that the War Wizard does not have Line of Sight to Square B... meaning he cannot see ANY CORNERS.

The upper right corner of the sqare with the Shadow Mastiff in it, and the lower left corner of square B are adjacent.  That means on a two-dimesional plane, they are THE SAME POINT.  That means only 1) or 2) can be correct.  But making one of them correct makes the other one incorrect!  Either the War Wizard sees that point or he doesn't.  Which is it?

Personally, I liked DDM's cover rules that stated you had to see through any two sides of a square... there was no ambiguity with that...
This one has come up before, and has led to confusion or unanswered questions.  The diagram on p13 is correct but does not give any clarification to what is happening.

Being able to draw a line to an intersection of four squares does not give LOS to all four squares with corners at that intersection.  Why does the wall block LOS to all points in position B, but does not act as blocking for the top right corner for position A (thus providing cover for A)?

The rules state these facts but do not fully explain why, so then you can apply to further situations.

On another thread suggested clarifications to checking for LOS have been similar to those for DDM or SWM.  clarifications clearing up has not yet been made other than stating what is in the rulebook.

You may want to look at he following thread:

An unofficial suggestion is as follows:

Line of Sight: A creature has line of sight to a target square, or enemy, if one can draw an unblocked line from any point in the creature’s space to any point in a target's space. A line is blocked if it touches a wall or enters or passes through terrain that can block line of sight.

The way I've had to come to terms with it is that a creature's "Square" does not include the gridlines used to demarcate it.  Otherwise, the wording makes no sense.
Wow... that was quite the thread.  Thanks!
The way to determine LOS and Cover is to pick one corner of the attacker's square and draw a line (either mentally or using string) to each of the four corners of the attacker's space.

If you can draw an uninterupted line (interuptions are caused by walls, enemy creatures and obstacle terrain (the square symbol), when it comes to the "soft" (rounded) corners outside, you go by the drawing, not the squares) to any of the four corners of the target then you have LOS and can attack. But if any one or more of those corners are blocked the target has cover against the attack and can tap to dodge all the damage. (Assuming the target is not already tapped.)
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