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I am pretty new to the D&D Board Game scene, and wanted to get some clarification on Fireball, Line of Sight, Line of Effect, and Obstacles.

Creature One = 1
Creature Two = 2
Obstacle = o
Square = _
Wall = |
Fireball Location = *

|_ _ _ |
|_ 1 _ |
|o o o |
|_ * _  |
|_ _ _ |
|_ 2 _ |

Example 1:  Creature 2 casts fireball.  Does the fireball go through the obstacle and hit Creature 1?  It was argued that it would not go through the obstacle, and even if it did, it could be dodged because it's a ranged attack.  I disagree with both statements because obstacles block line of sight, not line of effect.  I am under the impression that you just need LoS on the square you are targetting, and then the fireball follows LoE rules.  I also wouldn't consider it a "dodgeable" ranged attack, but perhaps I am wrong on this. 

|_ _ _ |
|_ 1 _ |
|o * o  |
|_ _ _ |
|_ _ _ |
|_ 2 _ | 

Example 2:  Creature 2 casts fireball ON the obstacle.  It was argued that you can't see the whole obstacle square, so you don't have full line of sight on it.  Can you cast fireball on an obstacle, and if so, would it hit Creature 1?


erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px; margin:8px">No posts yet, so I'll kick off with some help.

Fireball is not a ranged attack.  It does not have the bow in a circle symbol, often shortened to (R).  Other order cards with a range but are not ranged attacks include faerie fire and web.

As it is not a ranged attack, fireball cannot be dodged.  It can be cowered, though.

Now to the two questions with diagrams.  The second scenario is fine to me, casting onto the obstacle space to affect a creature beyond.  Though creature 2 is outside the area of effect in the second diagram that you have drawn (three squares away).

As to the first diagram, I would say "Not okay".  You need LOS to target square, but I have to state I could be wrong. That's just the way my group play it.  It's the word "CHOOSE" that is causing me problems, is LOS necessary?  There are order cards that use the term 'choose' and, going by the rulebook, LOS cannot be drawn.  So once again, I'll state I could be wrong over that oneparticular scenario.

EDIT:  the box to the bottom left of p13 states LOS is required, unless the attack/power/card indicates otherwise.  So, scenario 1 is not possible as there isn't LOS to the target square.
I'd agree with bugging bear (apart from you did say creature 2 was casting fireball, and I think he read it as creature 1 casting it).

Anything that specifies a range (which fireball does) requires LoS to the target square even if it's not a ranged attack (which Fireball isn't).

We've always played that it's perfectly reasonable that fireball hits creatures on the 'blind' side of an obstacle though, but only if you target the obstacle itself.

We reason that a model in the obstacle would have LoS to either side, so we reason it makes rules sense.

We also like the image of fireballs burning through doors, trees and curtains (when it's a 'direct hit' on the obstacle).

What we don't seem to do though is allow a fireball targetting a square next to an obstacle to pass through it (in the same way a ranged attack LoS would be blocked).

If you like it's lost it's oomph, so gets blocked. May not be 100% right, but it works for us.
We've been playing it the way bugging_bear and mrfaloon described.
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