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I know of one store in our area charging the players 3 dollars per session. I am wondering what WotC's opinion of this is?
In past seasons, WotC's instructions to organizers suggested charging a small, nominal fee or requiring a purchase to offset the costs of running the program, if the organizers/store felt it would be beneficial.
Our store has a $5 on the books per session, but only charges a few players. Namely, the ones who order food delivered to the store, then don't have enough money to pay the delivery man; we want to keep the eateries happy delivering to us, and the "jerk tax" makes sure we don't end up paying out-of-pocket for the privilege of hosting these guys.

Players who buy material at the store, don't leave a mess behind when they leave (especially food wrappers), and are generally courteous and interesting, are never charged for attendance.

EDIT - I should add, for that $5, they get a pack of Fortune Cards. So the value is about right.
Some stores I know charge a $1 - $3 per session, but that counts as store credit toward a purchase. To me that sounds like a win-win. The player gets a few weeks of entertainment and have enough spent for a book or some other goodies at the end of each season, and the store at least gets some sales from the program. Some stores even give a bit of the money collected to the DMs as store credit as well.
Our store charges 5 bucks, but it covers the entire season and seems to be enough to keep the more unruly players uninterested.

To be honest, I would be OK if it was $5 per session.  If Encounters costs less than a sitter for 2 hours, you just might accidentally corner the market on that business.

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Our store doen't charge at all, figuring that getting players in to the store is good for walk past traffic. Mind you, we only get 1 table of about 4 to 6 players (plus myself as DM for all Encounters) so by charging players to play would infact discourage them from playing.
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I talked it over with the store manager, and next season we're going to do it differently. We're going to charge $5 for your first session, but you'll get a coupon for $5 of store credit in exchange. The rest of the season is free. This keeps the bookkeeping down, and gets people who only did one session (there's always a few) coming back to use their coupons.
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