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I was wondering about Death's Presence if you unlease a Gore-House Chainwalker and it dies does 2 or 3 counters get put into play. same card but leashed you cast </a>Selesnya Charm for the +2/+2 turning it into a 4/2 does 4counters come into play?

Im just unsure when the Chainwalker dies if you first remove all the counters and then death's presence trigers or does it triger with all the counters on the chainwalker.

it uses the information of how the creature last looked on the battlefield
that means counters, temporary buffs etc. are all considered when calculating X
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You get as many counters as the creature had power as it last existed on the battlefield, counters, auras, Giant Growth as well as Dismember or similar effects all included.

Also, you don't remove the counters, they simly vanish, when the object changes zones.
As an example of the above, if you have Death's Presence  and somebody casts Auger Spree on your unleashed Gore-House Chainwalker  you will be able to put seven +1/+1 counters on a creature.  The reason is that your Gore-House Chainwalker is a 7/-2 at the time it was last on the battlefield before being placed in the graveyard.

Hope that makes sense.

Alright, what ever the creachers power is at the time it dies is what death's presence sees.

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