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So i am a huge control player and im playing American Control at the moment, but it just isnt as much fun as UB control was back in the past few sets.  Sense UB control isnt that viable right now im just sucking it up with american control for now and planning for the next set when Dimir guild comes out. im hoping for some sick UB control cards. 

My main question to ask is what do you guys think will be better planeswalker for a UB control deck?
Liliana, of the Viel  or Liliana of the Dark Realms? there are ups and downs for both. Liliana of the viel cost less to play. Her +1 isnt that good for control i can imagine, discarding is good but not when I have to aswell. he -2 is good for obvious reason, making a player sac a creature. and her Ult is very good for obvious reasons. 
Liliana of the Dark Realms cost 1 more to play but has a +1 thats very good for control, getting an extra mana source is always good for control, unfortunatly it doesnt harm the other player. her -3 ability is pretty good. also a kill spell like of the Viels but can be targeted which is good and bad(due to hexproof). you may also use it to beef up dat snapcaster!! and her ult is okay. Getten tripple mana on black is once again more mana for control but as of right now i dont see any good use for it, other than maybe milling oppent for a bunch.

What are yous guys thoughts on the Two different planeswalkers!?
Veil is generally better, especially in UB where Jace outclasses dark realms as a card draw mechanism
Yeah good point, an interesting thing ive been thinking of is having a good board whipe with mutilate and how that will pair well with Liliana of the dark realms.  and the main thing that i dislike of Viel is having to discard. 
I've been trying out Dark Realms in Jund Midrange lately.  It lets me hit all my land drops, which is great for a deck with a lot of 4s and 5s, and it thins out the deck a little bit.  It can get shock lands to help with color fixing for heavy-colored stuff like Mizzium Mortars (RRR overload) or Garruk, Primal Hunter.  But more often I use it either as spot removal or to pump up Vampire Nighthawk to get in a big chunk of damage/life gain.  I don't even consider the emblem to be relevant, because I would almost always prefer to just use her -3 for two turns.
Yeah i dont think her Ult is too relavent. but Most of the time neither is Liliana of the Viel's, Usually never get it off. Im thinking i may go with Liliana of the Dark Realms because of the land drops and spot removal. You cant get rid of hexproof with her but that shouldnt be to hard with Mutilate in the deck and it goes so well with her. Plus she is just alot Cheaper :P
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