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So...there's my current deck as it stands.  I'm starting to get a pretty good gauge of my local (though very small, lucky to get 8 players) metagame.  There's one other guy that seems to play affinity a lot (a more aggro version than mine with Galvanic and Shrapnel), some playing a Valakut/Scapeshift deck, and one person that plays an Eggs/Second Sunrise deck, other than that I'm not sure what's being played.  For valakut, is it as simple as boarding in something like Pithing Needle, naming Valakut?  And I have no idea what to do against the Eggs deck..I thought initially artifact hate to keep them off cantrips and Lotus Bloom, but other than that I'm not sure.  The Eggs player also run Disciple of the Vault, so that could also be a source of hate for me I guess.  I need some guidance/advice :-)
Pithing Needle does nothing for Valakut, it's a triggered ability.  Blood Moon could work, since you mostly don't care what kind of lands you have.  You've got Mox Opal and Springleaf for your colors, so you can easily deal with it. 

Canonist seems good for Eggs.  Maybe Rest in Peace over Crypt; enchantments are harder to get rid of and Crypt only works once.  And if Eggs can't use their graveyard then they aren't doing much of anything.
Thanks..I'll have to find some Rest in Peace's :-) I'd considered Blood Moon but then I looked at its converted mana cost...sort of high for me, but I'll try it.
Blood Moon is so awesome.  Valakut literally cannot beat it.  Jund cannot beat it.  Birthing Pod usually struggles with it unless they've already resolved a Pod.  It's funny that you looked at a 3 CMC enchantment and balked at the casting cost, but have no qualms about running 3x Tezzert in the main...

As a general comment, I don't particularly think the blue based version of Affinity is very good.  Red is a lot more explosive with Galvanic Blast and Shrapnel Blast.  You do lose Master and Tezzert, but you gain a lot in terms of explosiveness and reach.  I'd put those Arcbounds main, find a few Steel Overseers and the burn and call it a deck.

The problem with RIP is that they don't use their graveyard until they actually go off.  At which point, they'll probably just Wipe Away/Echoing Truth RIP back to your hand the end of your turn and win on their turn.  Something like Extirpate would be much more effective as you can then hit their win condition, Lotus Blooms or such when they try to go off.

Of course, dedicating side board hate for certain fringe decks probably isn't the best idea.  Eggs isn't exactly popular, though it will be more popular since winning the Pro Tour, but that just means you'll be playing against bad Eggs players, in which case you'll be likely to kill them before they think they can go off or they'll fizzle.  I think having Cannonist for the Eggs match up is good enough on it's own.
I've been having good luck with leyline of sanctity and suppression field in my sideboard byt that's in a more controlling U/W agro control deck.  Affinity should be able to out race these combo decks anyway.
I'm fairly certain Suppression Field does nothing excpet shuts off Conjurer's Bauble.  All the other eggs and Lotus Blooms are mana abilities.  I guess they techincally can't use Ghost Quarter or fetchlands to "ramp", but it seems to be minimal effect.

Leyline suffers the same fate as RIP.  They can combo out, and dig for the bounce spell, then finish with the infinite loop to kill you.

I wish I could get ahold of some Steel Overseers, but they seem to be nearly non-existent in my area.  And it isn't that I don't think Tezz has a high cmc, I know he does...but generally when he comes down, he wins the game the next turn.  Thanks for the advice and ideas, I may go back to non-tezz as the curve's so much lower.  
I seriously don't think Leylines are that good against Eggs.  It gives them an infinite amount of time to find their bounce spell.  It literally does nothing, and practically requires you to mulligan.  It's fine against Valakut.

I think you really have to attack the graveyard to beat Eggs.  However, it has to be a non-permanent answer.  If you use things like Tormod's Crypt, Leyline of the Void or such, they can either sandbag a second copy of Second Sunrise/Faith's Reward to do it in response to the artifacts cracking or they have time to find their bounce spells.

Actually, thinking about it, Rest in Peace might not be terrible.  They can only dig with their cantrips (8-10 cards only) to find an answer before they go off.  It's probably the best of the non-instant graveyard hate.

I just don't think Leylines are the right answer in the vast majority of cases.  The cards are terrible if they aren't in your opener, they take up 4 sideboard slots and they usually can be dealt with easily.
It doesn't, but the fact that the opponent likely had to mulligan to find a LotV means the Eggs player has time to find their bounce spells (which was the second half of how they can easily play around it).

Graveyard hate does not impact Valakut.  However, they're two very different decks, so the same hate can't be applied to both.  Doing so leaves you vulnerable to one deck or the other.  Hence, my suggestion that any Affinity sideboard should include Blood Moons (for Jund, Valakut, etc.) and some form of graveyard hate (for Eggs, Living End, etc.).  Two different sets of cards for two different strategies.  Though really, I think Affinity should just be content on trying to race Eggs.

Leyline is literally blank agaisnt eggs, they just draw their whole deck and bounce it then kill you. Valakut runs bounce, so Leyline is no problem either. Blood Moon is good, they do have a lot of basics in Valakut, but it should buy you the turns you need to kill them, and it hates on tron and other decks nicely.

To beat eggs, Extirpate is good, Thorn of the amythyst and Thalia are good. Faerie Macabre is free, so it lets you beat down and then remove two pieces to make their combo loop come up short for the first iteration and it doesn't cost you mana.

In terms of Affinity lists, the Blue list is currently superior and there is good reason for it being championed over other versions by all the best players in the world. 
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If you want to hose Eggs, I feel like Extirpate is the only good answer.  If you hit their Lotus Blooms, they can't win.  Surgical Extraction is a close second, but the fact that they can counter it by casting another Sunrise makes it significantly worse.

I'm still saying that Affinity should just be trying to race Eggs.  Put in regular artifact base graveyard hate or regular combo hate (Ethersworn Cannonist) to slow them down a touch and bash them in the face.
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