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Let's all play a game. The first person names a card to build around and then people add cards until the deck is finished. Then someone else names a card and it goes on from there. If there is a disagreement about a particular card, then it gets put to a vote. Let's say whichever card gets ten votes first wins. You can add a few cards, but you shouldn't build the entire deck yourself. Other than that, there are no restrictions with regards to color, rarity or set. I'll go first:

Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker
I thought about cards which might work well with michiko, such as sleeper agent, but they'd just sacrifice the sleeper agent. So instead I'll suggest just an all around good card for any white deck.

mox pearl
Don't be too smart to have fun
World Queller was a card I wanted to use with the one in the op.
How about Harm's Way, or something similar? I always find it to be a useful card generally, but here it could redirect damage from Michika (or other creature, obviously) to you, so that Michika survives and your opponent must sacrifice a permanent at the cost of 1 mana and 2 life.
Since you said there are no restrictions on color, ill throw this one in Alluring Siren.

I wasnt sure if I should go with this one, or Courtly Provocateur.  When in doubt, go with the cheaper one :D.

Ok! I like where this is going. I actually thought we would end up in red, but now I'm thinking about a white blue control deck. So far we have:


Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker
World Queller
Alluring Siren


Mox Pearl


Harm's Way

Ok, I'm going to throw out an idea, and you guys can decide which way we go. I like the Alluring Siren idea, but if we move into red, we can really push that theme. At first I was thinking of Master Warcraft to force our opponent to attack, but then I stumbled onto Bedlam and thought it could really be devastating to the opponent. They'll be forced to attack (or their creatures will probably be useless) and they'll end up having to sac stuff. If we put some early lifegain in the deck, we'll be able to stall them out. (or race them if we are in a position to do so). What do you guys think?
As the guy that recommended the Alluring Siren... im fine with going red instead if folks would rather go that route.
chemister's trick's there if we want to go 3 color. It doesn't work so good against tokens but it's great vs. creatures with the or higher power.
I'd recommend retaliator griffin if it didn't involve going into another color. the syergy is pretty obvious though.

For my suggestion though I'm going to say Aggravate.

By the way are these assumed to be 4-ofs?
For now let's assume all picks are 4-ofs. When we are ready to put the deck together, we can adjust the numbers.  So we should try to come up with more than 9 cards so we can play around with the deck during building.

Maybe we should move into RWU. Then we can play Alluring Siren, Chemister's Trick, Master Warcraft and Aggravate to force attacks.  Again, there will be adjustments in numbers when we put it all together. What do you guys think?

edit: I just looked through the gatherer and found two cards which would probably work better than all the ones we have already. Taunt and Curse of the Nightly Hunt
These arent necessarily suggestions, since ive already made a suggestion. Plus I think it would be kinda difficult to make this combo work...however I still felt like sharing it just because I thought it would be hilarious if you could pull it off.

That would be freaking hysterical to pull off, Damoklese. I'll have to sleeve it up and give it a try just to see the looks on my friends faces. Now that I think about it, it would be better (and faster) if there were no restrictions as to how many cards each person can suggest. So feel free to make as many suggestions as you want.

We have a lot of cards that do the same thing (force the opponent to attack), and I think we should probably narrow it down so we know what direction to head in. These are the cards we have so far:

Alluring Siren/Courtly Provocateur
Master Warcraft
Chemister's Trick
Curse of the Nightly Hunt

edit: My choice would be Curse of the Nightly Hunt because it requires no mana after casting. The Retaliator Griffin idea got me thinking and I've come up with Slumbering Dragon which would fill the same role.

If anyone wants to throw a card out to build around, feel free. You can add any restrictions you like (Pauper or standard etc.). I decided just to build the Michiko deck with the cards I had available. I'll post what I came up with and you guys can make suggestions or we can move on.

4 Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker
4 Slumbering Dragon
4 Soul Warden
4 Soul's Attendant

4 Curse of the Nightly Hunt
4 Oblivion Ring

4 Harm's Way
4 Scout's Warning
4 Lightning Helix

4 Forbidden Orchard
4 Sacred Foundry
8 Plains
8 Mountain

That's what I've come up with. I'd like a bit more card draw, and I'm not sure about a few of the choices, but I'm going to sleeve this up and give it a go.