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Complete 10/31 Changelist: 





  • Fixed:  Players can now see product they don't own in another players trade binder while trading

  • Fixed:  Several crashes when trying to accept a trade request after other player becomes unavailable

  • Fixed:  Several crashes when viewing cards in collection

  • Fixed:  Crash with card zone transition animation

  • Fixed:  Several crashes related to docking chat

  • Fixed:  Race condtion when creating chat channels

  • Fixed:  Crash when joining and leaving multiplayer team matches

  • Fixed:  Crash while adjusting account settings

  • Fixed:  A crash when loading collection

  • Fixed:  Crash when taking control of an opponent's creature

  • Fixed:  Crash when going to the Trade Scene

  • Fixed:  Crash when receiving a trade request

  • Fixed:  Rare crash when loading Home Scene announcements

  • Fixed:  Crash when loading a deck while joining a constructed match

  • Fixed:  Deadlock while opening product

  • Fixed:  Deadlock while importing more that 150 decks at once

  • Fixed:  Deadlock with Card Preview Pane

  • Fixed:  Crash when disconnected from the internet

  • Fixed:  Crash when logging in when there is no internet connection 

  • Fixed:  Can now target player if the player details pane in the Duel Scene is collapsed

  • Fixed:  Password field now has focus for players who have previously logged into the Wide Beta

  • Fixed:  Format and Set filters are now in the right place

  • Fixed:  Issue with folders/decks not loading correctly

  • Fixed:  View is now visible at minimum resolution

  • Added:  List View to collection and trade scenes

  • Fixed:  Issue with players playing multiple events not transitioning to sideboard correctly

  • Fixed: Players can import multiple decks

  • Improved: Performance with displaying, filtering and manupulating collection

  • Fixed: Collection overflow controls and menu work better

  • Added:  Collection quantity indicator has been restyled and now shows the amount of an object that is in the currently opened deck or binder

  • Updated:  Card watermark graphics

  • Added: Open button to sealed product in collection

  • Fixed:  Modal spells on the stack now only show the selected mode(s) in blue text

  • Updated:  Search now supports and (&), or (|), not (~) as well as quotes.  

  • Updated:  Search in collection now interprets a space as 'and'

  • Fixed:  Version filter in trade now has filters

  • Fixed:  Height of search bar in Collection Scene

  • Updated:  Reset filter tool tip

  • Updated:  When filtering results in groups, each group has a results number

  • Added:  Filter 'breadcrumbs' to Collection Scene

  • Updated:  Certain collection filters only persist during a session and are reset on log out

  • Updated:  Collection defaults to 'Collectible'

  • Updated:  Dragging cards into a deck now opens that deck

  • Updated:  Deck import dialog and art

  • Added:  When a player saves a limited deck, it creates and/or is added to a Limited Decks folder in Collection

  • Updated:  Results tool tip has been updated

  • Fixed:  An issue that causes cards load incorrectly in Collection Scene

  • Updated:  Deck context menu now contains Sort, Open a New Copy of ths Deck, and Close Deck

  • Updated:  Collection slider default to 1-20+

  • Updated:  Add Deck, Add Category, and Add Binder buttons now look like they can be clicked

  • Updated:  Stops in Account Scene now accurately reflect defaults

  • Fixed:  Gradient issue on multicolored cards

  • Updated:  Collection is now left justified

  • Updated:  Clear filters icon

  • Updated:  Removed maximum pane size in collection

  • Updated:  Improved land card frames to load faster

  • Updated:  Duel scene now remembers if it was maximized

  • Updated:  Double-clicking buddy icon in the Home Scene starts a private chat with buddy

  • Updated:  Chat docking icons

  • Fixed:  Trade post messages now wrap correctly

  • Updated:  Creating a deck includes format logic based on card used to start deck

  • Fixed:  Deselecting a deck category also deselects any decks in that category

  • Fixed:  Trying to open a window that is already open brings that window to the foreground

  • Fixed:  Issue that caused game client to launch slowly

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Here are the changes for 11/28:

  • Fixed: Certain cards that required a target could create a scenario in which the game could not progress

  • Fixed: Open product button location no longer overlaps with quantity indicator

  • Added: Confirmation window for deleting decks and binders

  • Fixed: Card names and large mana costs now fit better on cards

  • Added: Double click functionality in List View

  • Fixed:  Default 'new deck' format for Return to Ravnica cards is now Standard

  • Fixed: Icons for invalid decks now appear consistently

  • Updated: Moved “Show all variations” into the Version drop down and renamed "Show all Versions"

  • Updated: Quantity indicators on card piles in Collection and Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Choosing Commander game type from Recent Play Choices sets defaults to a Multiplayer Commander match

  • Updated:  Add Deck, Add Category, and Add Binder buttons now look like they can be clicked and are consistent with the rest of the UI


Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 12/12:


  • Fixed:  Format  filter is now organized by the most popular formats

  • Added:  Formant  displays how many cards in your collection are legal in that format

  • Added:  Quick filters to the main color filter bar.

  • Added:  Icons for Set, Color and Type

  • Updated:  The deck options menu has been updated

  • Updated:  The Add Deck, Category, and Binder buttons have been changed

  • Added:  Players can now import and export decks, binders or entire collections as .CSV files.

  • Updated:  Adjusted Color icons in list view

  • Updated:  Changed the mana cost sorting in list view so cards without a mana cost appear together

  • Added:  Number of cards in card or binder to the quantity column in list view

  • Updated:  List view mana color sorting so it now sorts correctly.

  • Updated:  The “Show all Variations” button is now "Show all Versions" and has been moved the “Version” filter

  • Added:  Right clicking on a card and selecting “Start a New Deck.” will open the deck creation dialogue, filling the deck name to the selected card and choose the appropriate format. The selected card will automatically be added to the new deck.

  • Fixed:  Improved collection performance

Play Lobby and Duel Scene:

  • Added:  Card modifiers are now present on the Preview Pane

  • Updated:  Changed card piling behavior when tapping/attacking

  • Added:  Battlefield will now auto resize cards, as well as place them in as many rows as possible before forcing the player to scroll the battlefiel

  • Added:  Battlefield card size slider added in the Options menu on the Duel Scene

  • Updated:  Quantity indicators for piled cards

  • Updated:  Appearance of counters on cards on the battlefield

  • Fixed:  An issue that displayed debug text in the game log.

  • Updated:  Play Lobby navigation is now more clearly organized

  • Updated:  When choosing a deck, your format will default to the format of the deck selected

  • Updated:  Play lobby results columns now have more information, including the number of open seats in Open Play matches.

  • Fixed:  Right click context menu now available in Limited deck building sideboard

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed:  Buddy list context menu in Trade Scene now has correct options

  • Fixed:  Clan Member context menu in Account Scene now has correct options

  • Fixed:  Clan Captains now have additional context menu options

  • Fixed:  A crash in the play lobby when joining certain queues

  • Fixed:  A crash in the chat client

  • Fixed:  A deadlock relating to list view

  • Fixed:  A deadlock when importing many decks at once

  • Fixed:  A crash when watching a replay

  • Fixed:  A crash when clicking “Go to Next Game” when already joined in a game

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 1/30/13:

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash involving the play lobby filters.

  • Fixed: A crash when moving cards from the sideboard to main deck.

  • Fixed: A crash with piled cards on the battlefield.

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash with sorting active trade binder during a trade.

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash when closing a chat window.

  • Fixed: An intermittent crash when selecting targets in the duel scene.

  • Fixed: A crash that occurred when watching some games.

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash when closing the duel scene.

  • Fixed: A crash related to chat room alerts.

  • Fixed: An issue that caused crashes while in the trade binder.

  • Fixed: A crash when logging into an on-going game.

  • Fixed: An out of memory issue when hosting many consecutive games.

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash when sending trade requests.

  • Fixed: An infrequent crash when closing the client.

  • Fixed: A crash when clicking on a link in the game client without a browser installed.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed: Preview Pane now shows cards when using List View during limited deck building.

  • Fixed: Usability of docking chat while the player has their task bar at the top of the screen.

  • Added: Game client now remembers chat window placement and docking between sessions.

  • Updated: Chat window styling to make the window headers more apparent.

  • Fixed: Many performance issues related to chat windows and joining chat rooms.

  • Fixed: An issue with scrolling in the user overflow list on the chat window.

  • Updated: Chat tabs will now flash when the player receives a message.

  • Fixed: Typing characters that have been remapped to in-game hot keys no longer trigger that hot key command when typed into chat or search fields.

  • Updated: Color sorting rules in the collection.

Duel Scene:

  • Added: Declare blockers row now appears during combat which improves blocking clarity and limits movement while selecting blockers.

  • Added: Red zone dynamically shifts depending on which player is attacking.

  • Fixed: Attackers and blockers no longer overlap in the red zone.

  • Fixed: Tapped blockers are now visibly in the red zone.

  • Updated: Adjusted how large piles and large quantities of cards appear on the battlefield.

  • Added: Changes to limit card movement on the battlefield.

  • Added: A highlight effect to valid targets for spells.

  • Added: A pulsing glow effect to cards that can be interacted with and dimmed cards that cannot be interacted with.

  • Updated: Color buttons in the prompt box.

  • Fixed: An issue with cards remaining highlighted once they were moved to the graveyard.

  • Updated: Zoom now persists as long as players hold down the zoom key so they can mouse over and zoom cards in succession.

  • Fixed: A rare case in which blockers did not appear to move to the red zone for the attacking player.

Trade Scene:

  • Fixed: Players can now make multiple trades in the same session.

  • Added: Trade button when highlighting trade posts in the classifieds.

  • Fixed: There is no longer a time delay between adding and/or editing trade posts.

  • Added: Trade scene now has multiple views available, updated search, context menus, and the ability to add or remove 1, 4, 10, and all to the "You Will Receive" Pane.

  • Fixed: When you receive cards on your wishlist, they will be removed from your wishlist.

  • Updated: Trade filters and searches are now remembered between trades, but not between sessions.

  • Fixed: Trade binders now update as cards in them are traded away.

  • Fixed: Trade now synchronizes the upper and lower panes more accurately.

  • Added: Players can now see how many cards are in the lower panes of a trade.

  • Fixed: Filtering cards shows the correct number of results in the Trade scene.

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 3/13/13:


  • Fixed:  Several crashes across multiple scenes, including Collection, Play Lobby, Duel Scene, and Trade

  • Updated: Performance improvements for Collection and Duel Scene

  • Updated:  Started implementing some slash commands for Chat

  • Fixed:  Link to New Account activation webpage for accounts that have not been activated

  • Fixed:  About Me text is now remembered between sessions

  • Fixed:  Login Window field alignment

  • Fixed:  Issue with Avatar selection not persisting

  • Fixed:  Corrected link to Banned and Restricted list

  • Updated:  'Edit Theme' now says 'Select Theme'

  • Fixed:  Input Settings now has a scroll bar

  • Updated:  Added additional crash reporting

  • Added:  Dialog for out of memory exceptions

  • Updated:  Chat entry text box now dynamically expands as players type

  • Updated:  Reduced the height of all grid splitters


Duel Scene, Play Lobby, and Tournaments

  • Updated:  Moved the Add Lands, Submit, and Details buttons in Limited deck building

  • Updated:  Adjusted card layout in hand and added animations to card movement in hand

  • Updated:  Prompt now informs how to rearrange blockers and rearranging blockers  has been improved

  • Fixed: Issue where blockers were not moved to the Red Zone on attacking player's screen

  • Fixed: Issue where dialogs became obscured by chat

  • Updated:  Commanders now have a Command Zone, display how many times they have been cast, have a Commander tag when on the battlefield, and return to the Command Zone appropriately

  • Fixed:  Issue that caused results pop up persisting through sideboarding, future games, into a Top 8 in match

  • Fixed:  Limited deck building default sort is now converted mana cost

  • Fixed:  Incorrect quantity overlay when dragging cards to sideboard

  • Fixed:  Planechase is now available as format in Wide Beta

  • Fixed:  Some issues with battlefield piling

  • Fixed:  Issue with prompt highlighting

  • Updated:  Presentation for a single creature blocking multiple creatures has been improved

  • Added:  Holding 'm' while tapping mana sources with multiple abilities automatically chooses the first mana ability

  • Updated:  Targets in a pile on the battlefield will move to indicate they have been targeted

  • Fixed:  Issue with multiple abilities appearing to be on the stack in the incorrect order

  • Fixed:  Issue with soul bonded pairs being split across rows

  • Fixed:  Issue with misaligned counters on Garruk, the Veil-Cursed

  • Fixed:  Issue where some tokens had rules text they should not have

  • Fixed:  Display issue with Phyrexian mana symbols

  • Fixed:  Fixed issue with disabling reminder text hiding abilities granted to creatures by other sources

  • Added:  Watermark text to the Play Lobby search bar

  • Fixed:  If a land becomes a creature and is then cloned, the clone will correctly move to land row

  • Fixed:  Prompt text for Bioshift

  • Fixed:  Can now open Event Details by double clicking on event in the Featured Tournaments in the Home Scene

  • Fixed: Issue where joining an event temporarily causes the join progress bar to show and incorrect player total

  • Fixed:  Issue where the Next Game button does not scale correctly with docked chat

  • Fixed:  Toughness display issue with Fumiko, the Lowblood

  • Fixed:  Update with large piles of cards on the battlefield resizing after any actions are taken

  • Fixed:  Issue with Gatecrash set symbol

  • Fixed:  Cards in hand now support dimming during spell casting/resolution

  • Updated:  Styling pass on Game Details window

  • Fixed:  Issue where underscores in user names were not displaying correctly

  • Added:  Card dimming and highlighting to show cards associations in the Duel Scene

  • Updated:  Moved Permitted Opponents and Allow Watchers to Players Option filter in Open Play Lobby

  • Updated:  Allow Watchers option text

  • Fixed:  Several issues involving morph cards and the functionality of F5 including displaying correct information and the order in which morph creatures are played. 

  • Updated:  Leveler card display

  • Fixed:  Issue with exiled cards still appearing under a card that has been destroyed/exiled and then returned to the battlefield

  • Fixed:  Occasional issue where rapidly rearranging cards in hand attempts to cast or play a card

  • Fixed:  Draft sorts cards in rarity order

  • Fixed:  Targeting a player now displays a targeting pulse on the player details area

  • Fixed:  Snow mana symbol is now correct

  • Updated:  A single blocker that blocks multiple attackers can now order the attackers to assign damage

  • Fixed:  2-player single elimination tournaments no longer display a time to next round when completed

  • Fixed:  Issue with declined challenges taking players to the results of previous tournaments

  • Updated:  Duel Scene now correctly remembers hand size

  • Fixed:  Identical counters added to cards on the battlefield now stack as soon as there are two or more

  • Updated:  Start time formatting for events

  • Fixed:  Issue with incorrectly displaying power and toughness on animated lands

  • Added:  Players can save limited decks to their collection

  • Added:  Players can load limited decks they have saved during limited deck building and side boarding

  • Fixed:  Redundant pop up that displayed a teammate's hand

  • Updated:  Mana pool icons have highlighted states

  • Fixed:  An display issue with exiled, shields, and revealed zones

  • Updated:  Blocker row only opens if there are more than one possible blocker

  • Updated:  Left click on a card to activate no longer brings up full tool tip, only context menu

  • Fixed:  Issue where pairing a creature with soul bond to a creature in the pile can cause piling problems

  • Updated:  When several cards go to the same game zone at the same time, only one alert is displayed

  • Fixed:  An issue that can cause cards that should be highlighted to lose their highlight

  • Fixed:  Mulitplayer games now seat players correctly

  • Fixed:  Issue in Duel Scene where cards in floating windows were not being resized appropriately

  • Fixed:  Watermark text is visible in search fields after resetting all filters



Collection and Trade

  • Fixed: Issue where 'You Will Receive' got out of sync during trade

  • Fixed: Several scenarios that allowed players to add unowned cards to trade binder

  • Fixed:  Multi-select now works in List View

  • Fixed:  List View persists when opening new decks

  • Updated:  Sorting for multi-color cards

  • Fixed:  Issue where collection would refresh when removing cards from deck or binder with certain filters active

  • Fixed:  Issue that can cause some collections to load incredibly slowly

  • Fixed:  Font on cards in deck options

  • Fixed:  Issue when adjusting column width in list view not truncating words correctly

  • Fixed:  Issue with format filtering when cards are also in selected format and Planeswalker format

  • Fixed:  List view and quantity display in collection

  • Updated: Import deck dialog design

  • Fixed:  Issue with Trade button not registering clicks

  • Updated:  Analysis in deck options now has color and mana curve displays

  • Fixed:  Buddies drop down alignment in Trade scene

  • Fixed:  Several small card set symbols

  • Fixed:  Theme issues for Advanced Sort in Collection

  • Fixed:  Issue where reset filters were not cleared

  • Fixed:  Issue with multiple clients open not showing all card art

  • Fixed:  Issue with zoomed cards showing outside of the game/client window

  • Fixed:  Occasional issue where quantity in collection displayed a negative number

  • Fixed:  Issue where Collection scroll bar is unable to scroll to bottom of the collection

  • Fixed:  Collection no longer presents unusable sort options

  • Fixed:  Corrected right click context menu for Trade Binders

  • Fixed:  Players can now select and drag multiple cards to the "You Will Receive" pane in Trade

  • Fixed:  Typo in deck confirmation dialog

  • Updated:  Classified message box reduced in height

  • Updated:  Styling pass on Trade Confirmation window

  • Added:  Confirmation dialog when using Open button to open sealed product in collection

  • Fixed:  Enter now confirms changes when editing deck names

  • Updated:  Set and format list orders are now correct in filters

  • Updated:  Sorting by Set now orders cards by set and collector number

  • Updated:  Unified warning icon in deck building

  • Updated:  Added foil indicator to cards in List View

  • Fixed:  Players cannot edit the name of system deck folders

  • Fixed:  Dragging cards from collection to a deck box opens the deck and adds the card to it

  • Fixed:  Issue that caused split cards to lose their appearance when they are being dragged

  • Updated:  Added format separators in format lists

  • Fixed:  Rows in List View now highlight correctly

  • Fixed:  Players can no longer duplicate deck categories

  • Updated:  Players column formatting

  • Fixed:  All versions of format legal cards now show when filtering by format

  • Fixed:  Issue in list view that caused split cards to show incorrect data

  • Fixed:  Right click context menu in Collection includes "Add All to Active Trade Binder"

  • Fixed:  Issue with illegal cards in a deck not displaying in the card preview pane

  • Updated:  Deck header in collection now displays deck name

  • Added:  Players can now import binders

  • Fixed:  Issue in collection where the large 'Add Deck' and 'Add Binder' buttons were not being displayed

  • Fixed:  An issue that can cause context menus in the Trade scene to become unresponsive

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 4/24/13:


  • Fixed:  Several crashes relating to log ins and collection loading

  • Started:  Work to integrate Wide Beta Free Trial

  • Added:  Splash screen when launching the Wide Beta

  • Added:  Loading indicator on log in screen

  • Updated:  Card font size logic and several issues that caused the wrong card font to display

  • Updated:  Adjusted the foil card treatment

  • Fixed:  Issue with using left and right mouse buttons to zoom

  • Fixed:  Link display in Account tab

  • Fixed:  Broken tool tip for Shipping Address in Account tab

  • Updated:  Reduced the height of pane headers

  • Updated:  Grid splitters are now easier to grab

Duel Scene, Play Lobby, Tournaments

  • Updated:  Duel scene redesign to move prompt box, move temporary zones, and allow hand to be minimized

  • Updated:  Reduced height of phase bar

  • Updated:  Double clicking a grid splitter opens or closes the zone

  • Added:  Icons for the temporary zones and option buttons

  • Updated:  Exiled zone now expands when a card in the zone has an action that can be sent to the stack.

  • Added:  Draft recording setting

  • Updated:  Disconnection alert appears more consistently

  • Fixed:  Filter display issue after login

  • Fixed:  Scroll buttons in hand now work correctly

  • Fixed: Game details shows correct player list

  • Fixed:  Display issue with blockers who can block more than one creature

  • Fixed:  Issue where the sealed pool sometimes appeared with a Top 8 draft pool

  • Added:  Links to prize structure from Game Details window

  • Fixed:  Several Play Lobby refresh issues

  • Updated:  Added die roll information to Game Log

  • Updated:  Each player gets his or her own window for triggered abilities

  • Fixed:  Freeze when dragging cards during draft

  • Fixed:  Game details now correctly indicate when a player has been eliminated from a single elimination event

  • Fixed:  Issue where ability text persists on a card after the effect has ended

  • Fixed:  Issue with lasso drag/drop functionality in limited deck building

  • Updated:  Adjusted some windows that appear for specific card abilities to make them clearer

  • Updated:  Removed incorrect alert while player is waiting for opponent to mulligan

  • Fixed:  Issue where leveler creature text was not appearing on the stack

  • Fixed:  Spacing issue in Play Lobby Permitted Opponents filter

  • Updated:  Mouse scroll behavior when filter is open

  • Fixed:  Columns in Play Lobby results can now be adjusted more consistently

  • Updated:  Game Type sizing is more consistent when adjusting the size of he window

  • Updated:  Search now works on all Play Lobby columns

  • Updated:  Tool tip delay for cards on the battlefield

  • Updated:  Planar die button styling

  • Fixed:  Issue when dragging cards from sideboard to deck causes the card to render incorrectly

  • Fixed:  Issue where the wrong Exiled zone is expanded when a card is exiled

  • Updated:  Games/events you have joined stay in the top of the results

  • Added:  Filters for ‘Time per Player’ and ‘Wins per Match’ to Play Lobby filters

  • Fixed:  Issue where basic land type selection prompt can stop working

  • Updated:  Targeting highlights and dimming for spells/abilities that have multiple targets

  • Updated:  Fixed alignment of buttons and controls in pane headers

  • Updated:  Left edge of cards don’t shift when tapping

  • Added:  If a player runs out of time during limited deck building and has not yet submitted a deck, if the deck is a legal limited deck it will be automatically submitted

  • Updated:  Wording on triggered abilities windows to be clearer

  • Updated: Reduced height of the blockers row

  • Updated:  Increased Play Lobby button contrast

  • Updated:  Drag indicator for cards in hand

  • Updated:  Removed unnecessary margins in several locations

  • Updated:  Highlighting a line of text persists when clicking on other elements in the game client

  • Updated:  Fixed an issue in collection where selecting filters could cause no cards to display

  • Updated:  Adjusted damage assignment location on cards at minimum resolution

  • Updated:  Draft table view can now be collapsed

  • Updated:  Piles are now limited to 10 objects

  • Updated:  Quantity indicator on piles only appears when there are five or more permanents in the pile

  • Updated:  Play lobby now has ‘hidden’ defaults to streamline game joining

  • Updated:  Adjusted size between cards during deck building

  • Updated:  Tweaked the priority notification styling in the prompt box

  • Updated:  Updated text for opponent’s deck submission

  • Updated:  Library and triggered abilities windows now display contents alphabetically

  • Updated:  Adjusted minimum and maximum card size for cards in temporary windows

  • Updated:  Default location for library and triggered windows

  • Updated:  Adjusted the mulligan text to be clearer with new “Mulligan” and “Keep” buttons

  • Updated:  Adjusted how window names display in the task bar so they are more usable


Collection, Trade, Store, and Chat


  • Added:  Missed chats now appear in the Chat drop down until they are viewed

  • Updated:  New messages cause Chat drop down to flash until viewed

  • Added: Quantity slider to Trade window

  • Updated:  Main navigation window and chat window can now be minimized separately

  • Fixed:  Collection search now finds key word abilities correctly

  • Fixed:  Several trade freezes

  • Updated:  Chat docking logic on main navigation

  • Updated:   Trade window shows correct maximum trade number

  • Fixed:  Enter key now registers deck name change

  • Fixed:  Issue in collection not displaying correct number

  • Fixed:  An issue where watchers could not see game chat or log

  • Fixed:  An issue in replays that caused incorrect chat headers

  • Fixed:  An issue with an unstyled  scrollbar in the Store

  • Fixed:  An issue with international addresses and zip codes

  • Updated:  Trade flow and submit behavior

  • Updated:  Adjusted where invalid decks go in Collection

  • Updated:  Added Gatecrash and Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt expansion symbols

  • Fixed:  Confirming a trade does not return players to the Trade binder view

  • Fixed:  An issue where textless cards could not be added to a deck/binder by double clicking

  • Fixed:  An issue with code redemption entry that could freeze the client

  • Updated:  Trade scene now supports ‘smart’ searching

  • Updated:  When searching in the Trade scene, search terms are highlighted

  • Fixed:  Issue where adjusting the size of the filters could cause filters to disappear or be obscured

  • Updated:  Product display in the store

  • Updated:  Chat with Support button capitalization

  • Fixed: Issue that caused text from cards in list view to be jumbled

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 5/8/13:


  • Fixed: Crash navigating the game client while foil animation is on (May 3 update)

  • Fixed: Crash when opening details of a game or tournament (May 3 update)

  • Fixed: Several crashes with themes, filters, and joining games

  • Updated: Adjusted several default settings

Play Lobby and Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Issue where players cannot select a legal deck if it was formerly illegal during the same session (May 3 update)

  • Fixed: Issue where cards on the battlefield were incorrectly dimmed

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented Featured and Scheduled events from displaying correctly

  • Fixed: Issue causing temporary zones to be unclickable

  • Fixed: Issue that caused chat alerts to display while the chat is docked

  • Fixed: Reset all filters now works correctly in Limited deck building

  • Fixed: Issue that caused the Stack to appear tiny and centered in the center of the battlefield

  • Fixed: F2 hotkey now only works as 'OK' and does not work as 'Yes'

  • Fixed: Issue that caused the right zone area to be come stuck

  • Updated: Adjusted prompt box splitter behavior

  • Updated: Prompt box active/inactive display

  • Removed: Cards in hand no longer slide up into view when players mouse over them and they are truncated

  • Updated: Phase bar can now be collapsed and hidden

  • Updated: Color sorting and filtering in Limited deck building has been adjusted

Collection and Trade

  • Fixed: Issue with owned cards being flagged as owned in deck building (May 3 update)

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 5/10/13:

Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Two crashes related to the Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Issue with progressive lag during a match


Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 6/5/13


  • Fixed: Crashes in Account, Collection, Duel Scene, Event Details, and Play scenes

  • Updated: Default theme and profanity filter setting

  • Fixed: Issue with not entering a postal code providing a confusing error message

  • Updated: Address display shows default addresses correctly

  • Updated: Display and Sound setting text

  • Fixed: Issue that prevents avatar options from displaying

  • Fixed: Issue with Card Preview minimized and Main Navigation open that prevents the Duel Scene from displaying

  • Updated: Some left navigation headers have been renamed

  • Updated: Adjusted several default settings

Play Lobby and Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Reset all filters now works correctly during limited deck building

  • Fixed: Issue where card count was not updating during draft

  • Fixed: Issue where the 'Make a Selection' overlay is empty and the 'Okay' button is non-functional

  • Fixed: Performance issues in Duel Scene as match progresses

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented split cards in graveyards from getting flashback from spells or abilities

  • Fixed: Issue that prevents left click from selecting cards in temporary zones

  • Fixed: Priority alerts no longer display if Duel Scene window has focus

  • Fixed: Issue where multiple blockers do not stay in the order in which the player assigns them

  • Fixed: Issue that could prevent deck selection during a challenge or join match windows

  • Fixed: Issue where card tooltip opening while card is zoomed cancels zoom

  • Updated: Improved performance of placing triggers on the stack

  • Fixed: Incorrect display of apostrophes on card names

  • Added: Option to disable animations in the Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Card preview pane now stays on top of the duel scene

  • Fixed: Issue where cards entering Exiled zone cause the zone to be stuck in place

  • Updated: Removed prompt box animation

  • Updated: Grid splitters around prompt box

  • Fixed: Issue that can prevent players from selecting a basic land when prompted by the interface

  • Updated: Moved the location of the card quantity indicator on tapped cards on the battlefield

  • Updated: Removed cards sliding up in hand feature

  • Fixed: Issue that causes the stack to appear tiny in the center of the battlefield

  • Updated: Phase bar can now be collapsed

  • Updated: Client remembers if the phase bar has been collapsed

  • Updated: Dimming and highlighting logic around specific cards

  • Fixed: Prompt box now displays all information required to cast multikicker spells

  • Updated: F2 no longer can be used as "Yes"

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause cards in hands to overlap even when there is extra space

  • Added: Sound effects for Begin Combat step and Declare Blockers step

  • Updated: Client now remembers when players adjust the right pane in the Duel Scene

  • Updated: Left pane resizing behavior in the Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Issue that sometimes prevents reminder text from disappearing on basic lands after the effect has ended

  • Fixed: Issue with Soulbond creatures and piling

  • Fixed: Creatures with attachments are now piled in the correct timestamp order

  • Fixed: Issue where non-creature permanents that become creatures do not return to their correct location after the effect ends

  • Fixed: Issue where "Attack with all of these" does not work correctly

  • Fixed: Issue with extra text appearing on some card ability text

  • Fixed: Issue where players watching a 2-headed giant game could see incorrect information

  • Updated: Adjusted minimum size of cards in hand

  • Fixed: Issue that causes context menus on the Duel Scene to be clipped when more than two lines are needed

  • Fixed: Removed Deck Chosen from game details when it cannot be displayed

  • Updated: Styling pass on the challenge dialog

  • Updated: Back end work to support future implementation of Free Trial

  • Fixed: "Reset All Filters" now works in limited deck building scene

  • Fixed: Issue where tool tip could linger after removing cards from a deck

  • Updated: Filtering by color in limited deck building only shows cards that match all of the filter choices

  • Fixed: Issue where dragging cards to sideboard also selected cards in sideboard.

  • Updated: Filters use available space better

  • Fixed: Issue where opening a context menu in the deck editor and then left click and dragging created a "collection" object that can be dragged around the screen to no effect

  • Fixed: Issue that could result in tournaments not being displayed in the client

  • Fixed: Issue in Play Lobby where players cannot select a deck if it was previously illegal during the player session

  • Fixed: Issue in play lobby where decks would not be displayed if a format choice has already been selected

  • Updated: Filter performance has been improved

  • Fixed: Issue where decks are not visible after deselecting all format selections

  • Updated: Text alignment in the results section

  • Updated: Text search now works across all results in the Play Lobby

  • Updated: Increased results refresh speed

  • Fixed: Issue where Tournament Structure filter resets on its own

  • Fixed: Issue where horizontal scroll bar would appear when it shouldn’t

Collection, Trade, and Chat

  • Fixed: Docking chat at the bottom of the client in windowed mode no longer blocks functionality in Play and Account scenes

  • Updated: Text entered in Chat displays at the bottom of the window

  • Fixed: First time a player sends a message in game chat no longer notifies that player that they initiated chat

  • Fixed: Issue where the chat user list stops working correctly if the player resizes the window

  • Updated: User names in chat stream now have context menus

  • Updated: User drop down is smaller and now features an icon

  • Fixed: Issue with slash commands not working for players with a space in their user name

  • Updated: Chat entry area is now a fixed size

  • Fixed: Issue where entering the wrong password when trying to log in causes the client to hang

  • Fixed: Issue that prevents the players collection from loading

  • Fixed: Issue that caused "Can't delete active trade binder" warning

  • Fixed: Issue that caused owned cards to display as not in collection

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented decks from autosaving correctly

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented decks from being imported to a player-created folder

  • Fixed: "Reset all filters" now clears text in the search field

  • Updated: Performance around card presentation in collection

  • Fixed: Issue where colorless filter truncated columns in list view

  • Fixed: Issue where filtering by color causes flickering effect in collection

  • Updated: Removed dropdown menu animation

  • Updated: Added visual indicator to list view to represent cards with 0 quantity

  • Updated: 'Invalid' card display is less prominent

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause player viewing offline to collection to end up on the Home scene

  • Fixed: Deck categories that have no decks in them automatically become hidden

  • Updated: Zero quantity display in Collection

  • Fixed: Issue that causes some card elements to display improperly

  • Updated: List view color indicator is now more distinct

  • Fixed: Issue where using a color filter while in list view prevented results from displaying

  • Fixed: Issue where game chat was not displaying during a replay

  • Updated: Resized product details window in the Store

  • Updated: Credit card error text for invalid name on credit card

  • Updated: Changes to trade after one player has submitted now provide an alert to that player

  • Updated: Added the ability to remove trade posts

  • Fixed: Visual issue with trade scene pinlines

  • Updated: Trade now remembers view settings

  • Fixed: Grid splitter size in Trade scene

  • Fixed: Issue with +#/+# text in rules box showing up incorrectly while zoomed in Trade

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Update for June 10, 2013:

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented right-click context menu from appearing on cards/products during a trade

  • Fixed: Crash related to the password being cleared before login

  • Fixed: Common crash in collection 

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Complete 7/17 Changelist:



  • Fixed: Many crashes across all areas of the client

  • Added: Free trial for Wide Beta client

  • Updated: Adjusted colors and textures in Gideon theme

  • Updated: Text in several menus and scenes

Duel Scene, Play Lobby, and Tournaments

  • Updated: Changes to improve Duel Scene performance

  • Fixed: Flip cards show correct name, power, and toughness

  • Updated: Cards exiled by Oona, Queen of the Fae go to the exiled zone

  • Fixed: Draft log is now saved when the option is selected

  • Updated: When a permanent gets protection from a color it is displayed on the card in blue text

  • Fixed: Issue where first click on a card in hand was not registering

  • Fixed: Display issue when Fiend Hunter exiles another Fiend Hunter

  • Fixed: Issue with casting Blinding Beam entwined

  • Fixed: Issue where card versions would be replaced when loading a deck for a match, or after sideboarding

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause the Zoom key binding to not work

  • Fixed: Issue where when the second and subsequent games in a match started, the game log would show a superfluous die roll with odd results

  • Fixed: An issue that prevented the untap symbol from displaying correctly in hand

  • Updated: Increased responsiveness of clicking mana pool buttons

  • Fixed: Issue preventing players from selecting decks when challenged

  • Updated: Logic for how multiple auras and equipment are attached to permanents on the battlefield

  • Fixed: An issue where abilities on the stack appear black

  • Fixed: Issue where icons are missing from the game zones on the right side of the Duel Scene

  • Fixed: Issue where trying to close the Duel Scene from the task bar loaded an error dialog

  • Fixed: Issue where text in context menus was top aligned

  • Fixed: Issue where the avatar box in the Duel Scene was clipped

  • Updated: Temporarily removed automatic tooltips. Players must right-click to bring up tool tips

  • Fixed: Issue that could prevent deck building watermark from showing up

  • Updated: Added contextual behaviors to Submit button in deck building

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause filters in Limited deck building to be gray

  • Fixed: Issue in multiplayer where the stack could be small and centered in the battlefield

  • Fixed: Issue with saving and then loading a deck in Limited deck building

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause the Play button (formerly Next Game button) to flash

  • Fixed: Display issue with Game Details scene

Collection, Trade, Store, Account, and Chat

  • Fixed: Blocking players does not remove them from your Buddies list

  • Fixed: Buddies list updates without requiring players to log off

  • Updated: Added support for blocking chats and trades from players not on your Buddies list

  • Updated: Reordered left navigation options in Account scene

  • Updated: Adjusted logic behind how different versions of cards in a player's collection are displayed in the left filters

  • Updated: Performance improvements to collection filtering

  • Updated: Planeswalker format cards cannot be added to trade binders

  • Fixed: Collection now respects Quantity and Version filters when displaying results

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause "Other Products" results to not display

  • Fixed: Issue that caused blurry text in Collection filters

  • Added: Report conduct link to Help navigation

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause payment types to not display correctly

  • Updated: Checkout buttons are disabled in Store if no products are in the shopping cart

  • Fixed: Issue where address changes were not saving correctly

  • Fixed: Issue with context menus not displaying correctly during trade

  • Fixed: Buddies filter now filters to exact username matches in Trade

  • Fixed: Issue with clan filter taking a very long time for players with large clans

  • Updated: Added an alert to notify players of canceled trades

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Complete 1/22/14 Changelist



  • Performance updates in all areas
  • Stability updates in all areas
  • Added Gibraltar error reporting and logging system 

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Complete 1/29/14 Changelist


  • Fixed: Clicks are now registered when selecting stack order for multiple triggers.  

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Complete 2/5/14 Changelist




  • Fixed: Several memory leak issues around multiple windows
  • Fixed: Crash related to removing a buddy from the Home scene
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate clan invitations showing up for some players
  • Updated: Wizards of the Coast copyright information
  • Fixed: Issue with high memory allocation on start up
  • Fixed: Occasional issue where search fields could randomly lose focus
  • Fixed: Several issues with large quantities, blank entries, or non-numeric characters in the shopping cart quantity fields
  • Fixed: Display issue with docking and then resizing the chat



  • Fixed: Players can now see all players' names when viewing tournament results
  • Fixed: Issue with filters that could cause a crash
  • Fixed: Event details display issue with players joining and leaving tournaments before they start
  • Fixed: Occasional crash related to resetting all filters in the Play Lobby



  • Fixed: Crash related to using "Remove all copies" context menu during deck or binder building
  • Fixed: Issue where "Add 4 copies" context menu selection did nothing




Complete 2/7/14 Hotfix:


Wide Beta Update

  • Fixed: Game play crash that occurs after players move cards around in their hands
  • Fixed: Issue in limited deck building where cards in the deck could disappear from view


Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Complete 2/12/14 Changelist



  • Fixed: Several crashes in the Collection, the Play Lobby, the Duel Scene
  • Fixed: Send button no longer stays grayed out after closing and reopening a chat window
  • Updated: Updated the Gideon Jura art on  the Log In and Home scenes


Play Lobby and Duel Scene

  • Updated: Freeform now allows any number of cards in the sideboard
  • Fixed: Issue where cards were hard to select on the battlefield, on the stack, and in temporary windows like the Library
  • Fixed: Cards with rules text that reference X now display correctly Fixed: Closing the game chat window no longer loses game log information



  • Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+Q no longer prevents additional text entry in the My Post field in Trade

Sean Gibbons

Associate Community Manager

Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

2/17/14 Changelist 


Wide Beta Update

·         Fixed: Several crashes in Collection and Duel Scene

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

2/27/14 Changelist


Wide Beta Update



·         Updated: Improved client memory management to improve performance and fix several crashes

·         Updated: Adjustments to our crash-reporting system and error logging

·         The Magic Online Player Rewards cards (Warleader's Helix and Elvish Mystic) have been granted.

·         The Magic Online Championship Series February card (Batterskull) has been granted.

·         An issue with Discover Card and JCB card purchases not being accepted has been fixed.

·         VAT rate for Cyprus has been increased to 19%.

·         The Magic Online Account Creation system has been updated to send the activation email to users after 6 hours and 24 hours, along with the original email sent when signing up for Magic Online. These emails will only be sent if the user has not activated their account yet.

·         A duplicate listing of Norway from the Magic Online Account Creation page has been removed.

·         The year selector on the Magic Online Account Creation page no longer resets which month has been selected.

·         Updated: Adjustments to our crash-reporting system and error logging (Wide Beta only on 2/27/2014)



·         Fixed: Cards players haven’t collected yet are dimmed in the Collection

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

3/5/14 Changelist


Wide Beta Update:



·         Fixed: Several crashes around display and data updates

·         Updated: Added more error logging the game client

·         Fixed: Links in nested tool tips can now be clicked

·         Updated: Tool tip layout has been adjusted



·         Fixed: Cards players haven’t collected yet are dimmed in the Collection

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

3/12/14 Changelist


Wide Beta Update



·         Fixed: Several crashes around tournament play and the Magic Online Free Trial

·         Added: Additional crash logging

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline



Wide Beta Update


·         Fixed:  Several crashes in Duel Scene, Collection, and in tournaments

·         Added:  Client restart dialog after unplanned disconnections

·         Updated: Added additional crash logging

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

4/2/14 Changelist


Wide Beta Update


·         Fixed:  Several crashes on launch, in Collection, in Play Lobby, and in the Duel Scene

·         Fixed: Several memory issues and improved performance in Collection, Play Lobby, and Store

·         Updated: Added additional crash logging



·         Fixed: Seating display in Draft is now correct

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

4/9/2014 Changelist



·         Fixed: .Net Framework dependency issue has been fixed.

·         Fixed: Several crashes on program start up, in Collection, and in the Duel Scene.

·         Fixed: Issue that could prevent players from selecting objects in the Redeem Code selection window has been resolved.

·         Updated: Reduced memory usage on program start up and several scenes.

Collection and Tournaments

·         Added: Players may select multiple cards in a collection by holding CTRL and clicking on individual cards, or select a group of cards by clicking the beginning card, holding CTRL+Shift, and clicking the last card in the group they wish to select.

·         Fixed: Issue that could prevent players from accessing decks has been resolved.

·         Fixed: Preview window now displays cards during Draft and Limited deck building.

·         Fixed: Issue that prevented players from starting a Draft if they had deleted or moved their draft log folder has been resolved.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

4/30 Changelist

Wide Beta Update



· Fixed:  Occasional crash when loading client assets

· Updated:  Increased crash logging capability

· Fixed:  Reduced memory usage on login



· Fixed:  Memory leak issue in Collection when scrolling cards quickly

· Fixed:  Issue where trying to select a filter check box scrolled the available filters instead

· Fixed:  Issue where cards could not be added to a trade binder in certain situations

· Fixed:  Issue where "Add all but 4" added too many cards to a trade binder


Play Lobby and Duel Scene

· Updated:  Play Lobby settings are now remembered between logins, including play filters, deck choices, and column selections in most cases

· Updated:  Duel Scene window and chat settings are now remembered between games, matches, and login in most cases

· Updated:  Improved targeting and associations behaviors and highlighting

· Fixed:  Issue that displayed completed tournament matches as "In Progress"

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline



Wide Beta Update

Play Lobby:

·         Fixed: An issue causing crashes in the Free Trial

·         Fixed: An issue causing crashes in the Play Lobby 

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline
Downtime and Release Notes for May 7, 2014


  • All tournaments will close at 5:00 AM PDT (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 7:45 AM PDT (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will shutdown from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT (15:00 to 19:00 UTC)


A download is required this week.




  • Fixed: Constructed events now properly pair the Top 8 and Top 4 rounds. Pairing for Constructed Events now follow section 10.4 of the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules.
  • Updated: Legacy Tribal Wars has returned as a casual format. A few intro product formats were removed such as Magic 2010 Theme decks.
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue that caused numerous Draft events to fail after a recent downtime.

Card Mechanics

  • Fixed: Cuombajj Witches ability can now always be activated even if there are no other creatures on the battlefield.
  • Fixed: Manor Gargoyle now loses Indestructible when its ability is activated.
  • Fixed: Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx's second mana ability is now recognized as tapping a land for mana.
  • Fixed: Show and Tell no longer incorrectly allows an Aura to be attached to a permanent that was also put onto the battlefield by Show and Tell.
  • Updated: Arc Trail and similar cards' prompt and targeting choice text and workflow has been updated.
  • Added: A new Exile Zone (Can Be Played) for use with mechanics such as Suspend and many individual cards such as Daxos of Meletis or Psychic Intrusion to improve user interface for playing these cards.
  • Updated: Storm counts, if greater than 0, will now display in all zones as blue text on cards that have Storm. Storm triggers on the stack have blue text indicating how many spells were cast before them.
  • Updated: Delayed triggered abilities are now shown in the effects zone during gameplay.
  • Added: Devotion cards now display current devotion to a color (or colors) inline.
  • Added: Custom button text was added for some card choices such as coin flip cards or Dakra Mystic.
  • Added: A card that won't untap during its controller's next untap step will gain blue text indicating this.
  • Added: Gray Power and Toughness text will appear on cards with printed Power and Toughness if that card is not currently a creature.
  • Added: If a creature tries to make an illegal attack, such as an Ember Beast attacking alone, the Wide Beta client will now indicate the illegal attack.
  • Fixed: All Sun's Dawn no longer requires a card of each color to be targeted in order to resolve.
  • Updated: The workflow for Balance has been improved. The player with fewer items no longer needs to choose which items to keep. Each player now gets notified about how many cards are still needing to be chosen for each section of Balance.
  • Fixed: The game log now properly displays the name of cards and/or card choices (such as Pithing Needle).
  • Fixed: Choices made from effects such as Reef Shaman's land alteration ability now display in the game log.
  • Fixed: Damage Prevention effects show up in the controller's shield zone.
  • Fixed: Turn from Turn/Burn will now properly trigger the delayed trigger from Whip of Erebos to exile creature at end of turn.
  • Fixed: Varolz, the Scar Striped now properly calculates discounts for scavenge abilities.
  • Fixed: Goblin Rogue tokens are no longer considered Goblin Tokens by effects that consider names.
  • Fixed: Mirror Entity's ability now affects the correct player when Mirror Entity has changed possession while the Mirror Entity ability is on the stack.
  • Fixed: When unearthing creatures with a pair of linked exile-other-creatures abilities, such as Worldgorger Dragon, the effect no longer returns unearthed creature to the battlefield upon resolution.
  • Fixed: In Commander, Commanders who are temporarily exiled by cards such as Living Death are no longer permanently exiled if they are chosen to be placed in the Command Zone.
  • Fixed: Omnath, Locus of Mana is now properly getting +1/+1 for green mana in pool.
  • Fixed: On cards such as Phantom Warrior, the rules text "is unblockable" has been updated to "can't be blocked."
  • Fixed: Bronze Sable's creature type has been updated to Sable.
  • Fixed: Mindreaver can now counter fuse cards.
  • Fixed: Armed // Dangerous now interacts properly with Gruul War Chant and similar cards.
  • Fixed: An interaction between Madcap Skills and Golgari Decoy that resulted in not all creatures being forced to block Golgari Decoy when it was enchanted by Madcap Skills.
  • Fixed: Homura's Essence now properly grants flying.

Card Art:

  • Fixed: Elvish Vanguard from the Planeswalker Deck Pack now has art.
  • Fixed: Restored art to five promotional lands illustrated by Rob Alexander.
  • Fixed: Born of the Gods Intro Packs now include the same land mix as physical versions of the product.
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 5/14/14


Wide Beta Update:



·         Updated: Adjusted foil card treatment to be more noticeable

·         Fixed: Token art now fits inside the frame correctly

·         Updated: Added new sound files


Play Lobby and Duel Scene

·         Updated: Additional Play Lobby settings are remembered between sessions

·         Updated: Additional Drafting, Limited Deck Building, and Sideboarding settings are remembered between sessions

·         Fixed: Temporary windows in the Duel Scene now remember where you've placed them between games

·         Added: Mousing over card names in the Game Log now highlights that card in any visible game zones

·         Added: Mousing over cards on the battlefield now slightly increases the size of other cards or effects associated with that card

·         Updated: Updated targeting arrow art

·         Added: Added icon to card tool tips for when a permanent has summoning sickness or is new ly controlled

·         Fixed: Battlefield now dims correctly when casting a spell, paying mana costs, and targeting


Collection, Trade, and Other

·         Updated: Collection display settings are remembered between sessions

·         Updated: Trade confirmations windows no longer have a dismiss button

·         Fixed: Gold-bordered Planeswalker format cards can no longer be added to binders in some situations


Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 5/28/14


  • All tournaments will close May 28, at 12:00 AM PDT (7:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 2:45 AM PDT (9:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 3:00 AM PDT (10:00 UTC) until 12:00 PM PDT (19:00 UTC)





  • Improved: Multiple performance enhancements were made to resolve lag issues with multiplayer games and games with large numbers of permanents.
  • MOCS: May 2014 (Season 6) Bayou promo will be granted to all players with 15 or more May QPs.
  • MOPR: May 2014 Event Participation Promo (Pain Seer) and Store Activity Promo (Tormented Hero) will granted.
  • Added: Serbia and Montenegro have been separated in the country list.
  • Added: UK: Balliwick of Jersey and UK: Balliwick of Guernsey have been added to the country list.
  • Update: France VAT has been updated to 20%.


Card Rules


  • Fixed: Godhunter Octopus can no longer attack when its controller has an enchantment but the defending player does not.
  • Fixed: Damage from Wildfire Cerberus’ monstrous ability is now properly prevented by damage prevention abilities such as Stonewise Fortifier.
  • Fixed: Athreos, God of Passage no longer triggers from creature cards that aren’t creatures when destroyed.
  • Fixed: Soldier tokens created by Launch the Fleet now use the proper artwork.
  • Fixed: Bassara Tower Archer has had the word “Removed” removed from its art box.

- See more at:

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for 6/11/14


  • All tournaments will close at 5:00 AM PDT (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 7:45 AM PDT (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT (15:00 to 19:00 UTC)



A download is required this week.





  • Fixed: Art from dual lands such as Promo Volcanic Island have been updated to fit their frames properly.

  • Fixed: Incremental Blight now properly refers to -1/-1 counters to be distributed instead of +1/+1 counters.

  • Fixed: When simultaneously drawing cards, the active player will now draw their cards first. This resolves an issue when more than one player will win the game due to Laboratory Maniac.

  • Fixed: Oppressive Rays now costs 3 mana to pay for in all situations.

  • Fixed: Storm triggers no longer add extra characters to the cards on the current Magic Online client.

  • Improved: Daring Thief's Inspired trigger has been updated to work properly much more often. There are still a few corner cases where the Daring Thief will not properly give a targeting prompt for exchange.

  • Update: The Madness casting workflow has been streamlined.

  • Update: The Echo payment workflow has been streamlined.

  • Update: Damage Shields will display when a creature or player has an active shield.

  • Update: Specific delayed triggers in the effects zone have been added for the following cards: Memory JarNecropotenceMana DrainAstral SlideMarchesa, the Black Rose.

  • Card Feature: Channel now gives the player an effects bar to pay life for 1 mana.

  • Card Feature: Fact of Fiction pile splitting has been improved.

  • Card Feature: Sylvan Library has been completely updated with a new workflow.

  • Card Feature: Wishes such as Burning Wish now bring a temporary window with the player's sideboard displayed.

  • New Feature: The Special Rarity filter has been added. When chosen it will filter to the Power 9 cards, Promotional cards and Timeshifted cards.

  • Card Feature: City in a Bottle has a hyperlink to a webpage that will show you all of the cards currently impacted by City in a Bottle.

- See more at:

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for June 18, 2014



Wide Beta Client Notes:


  • Updated: New art for the Splash, Log In, and Home scenes.

  • Updated: Removed footer bar from Duel Scene, Game Details, and Trade windows.

  • Fixed: Improved memory usage in several areas.

  • Fixed: Issue that could prevent players' accounts from logging off immediately after disconnecting or closing the client.
Duel Scene 
  • Fixed: Magic Online will automatically substitute cards when joining matches or tournaments with a deck that has versions of a card not in your collection if you have versions of that card in your collection.

  • Fixed: Issue that could result in temporary windows not displaying in Multiplayer.

  • Fixed: Issue that caused temporary windows to be stacked on top of each other and irrevocably linked.

  • Fixed: Several issues around associations and targeting.

  • Fixed: Cards that create ongoing effects are now correctly associated with their targets and their targets are now correctly associated with them.

  • Fixed: Draft issue that allowed visual duplicates to be dragged to the sideboard and block deck submission.

  • Fixed: Submit button state changes correctly when decks are made legal or illegal for submission.
Collection and Trade 
  • Fixed: Several crashes around deck management.

  • Updated: Trades now open in their own window.

  • Added: New trade search tool that uses the Wishlist or imported deck files to filter trade partner's Trade Binder.

  • Updated: Improved deck and binder import performance.

  • Fixed: Importing decks using .txt files makes card substitutions based on your collection.

  • Updated: Deck legality messages now have more accurate wording.

  • Fixed: Changing the Animate Foil, Show Reminder Text, and Show Flavor Text options now appear immediately in Collection.

  • Fixed: Collection now dims cards you don't have in your collection correctly.

  • Updated: Active trade binders now update correctly after trades.

  • Fixed: Issue that caused classifieds posts to not update.

  • Updated: Disabled the ability to unselect "Show all versions" during a trade.

  • Fixed: Issue that could prevent context menu options from working correctly in trade.

  • Updated: Decks legality display will be correct after adding card to or removing cards your collection.
Account and Chat 
  • Fixed: Order History now updates during a session, not only on new sessions.

  • Fixed: Updated password field size and rules management.

  • Fixed: Increased the size of the security question display.

  • Added: Setting to ensure new chats always appear on top of other windows.

  • Updated: Trade chat now opens and indicates that a player has accepted the trade.

  • Updated: Trade chat now stays open after closing a trade.

  • Added: Setting to block challenges from non-buddies.

  • Updated: Chat tabs can be closed without first undocking them.

  • Fixed: Billing and Shipping addresses update correctly when making changes during a purchase.
- See more at:
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for June 25, 2014



  • Magic Online Player Rewards cards will be granted during the 6/25 downtime. Squelching Leeches for Event Participation and Dictate of Kruphix for Store Activity.

  • Magic Online Championship Series cards will be granted during the 6/25 downtime. Gaea's Cradle was the June MOCS promo card.

Card Rules

  • Fixed: Order of Succession when played with only opponent's creature in play, no longer causes a locked state.

  • Fixed: Council's Judgment now displays which permanents were voted for in the log.


Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for July 9th, 2014


Concessions while Scrying no longer cause a crash.

Card Rules
The Magic Online client no longer hangs the game for a player who is attacking with a Floodtide Serpent.
Floodtide Serpent no longer receives +1/+1 counters from Ordeals' triggers even when the Ordeal is returned by Floodtide's ability.

Wid​e Beta


Updated: Removed Beta tag from client.
Updated: Magic Online User Agreement.
Web Link to new EULA.
Added: Magic Online Privacy Policy.
Web Link to new MTGO privacy policy.
Updated: Magic Online Payment Page.
Web link to payment page​.
Fixed: Several crashes around collection, tool tips, and joining games.
Fixed: Several memory issues around Chat and Trade.
Updated: Help tab, including Help, Report Bug, Report Player Conduct, Request Reimbursement, has been updated with more robust information.


Tra​​​​​​de and Collection
Fixed: One sided trades (cards for nothing in return, for example) now update collections and binders correctly.
Fixed: New trades no longer open behind the main Magic Online window when using a windowed display.
Fixed: Classified columns no longer resize to minimum width after a trade.
Fixed: Using Wish Lists with more than 400 valid matches now notify the player correctly that not all cards can be added to the trade.
Fixed: List view context menu now works correctly in trade.
Fixed: Issue with adding cards not in your collection to a deck that caused incorrect legality warnings.
Fixed: Issue that was creating empty Wish Lists.
Fixed: Issue that prevented context menu from adding multiple copies of a card to a trade after that trade had been initially submitted.
Fixed: Deck categories are now in the same order as other format displays.
Added: Players are always warned when they are about to open a booster pack or other sealed product.
Fixed: Players can now see all cards their trade partner has in their binder, including promo cards and reprinted cards.
Updated: When using a Wish List, your trade partner's binder will be filtered to match the Wish List.
Added: Quantity indicator on cards in your trade partner's binder that shows how many are in your collection.
Fixed: Adding cards to a deck sorted by converted mana cost now inserts cards with new costs in the appropriate locations.

P​lay Lobby, Duel Scene, and To​​urnaments
Updated: Player information box in the Duel Scene has been redesigned.
Added: New drop from event confirmation dialog.
Fixed: Card highlighting now works correctly, even if the card cannot be fully displayed in its window.
Fixed: Issue in Play Lobby and Challenges that prevented a player from selecting a deck if a format was selected first.


Updated: Adjusted default chat settings.
Updated: New chat alerts persist until they are dismissed.
Fixed: Chats docked to a visible window no longer send alerts.
Fixed: When using /away chat command, if a message is entered after /away it now displays correctly.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

July 23 Changelist


Fixed: Crash - Clicking on "Add Buddy" after removing a buddy no longer causes the client to crash
Fixed: Crash – The client will no longer crash when conceding game 1 and then pressing submit during sideboarding.
Grant: All players who have logged into Magic Online since 2008 have had those accounts receive 35 Phantom Points and 5 “Hunt” Prerelease Entry objects.
Fixed: Rapidly moving cards between Fact or Fiction piles no longer crashes the Magic Online client.
New: 5-Card Booster has been introduced.
New: New to Magic Online events have been reworked.
Update: Reminder text will only appear on cards when they are zoomed in or are being displayed in the preview window.
Update: Flavor text will only appear on cards when they are zoomed in or are being displayed in the preview window.
Update: When zooming on a tapped card, the zoomed card will now orient straight up.
Gameplay updates:

Fixed: Activating a Cursed Scroll now tells your opponent what card was named
Fixed: Marchesa, the Black Rose's delayed trigger now causes it to be returned if it dies with a +1/+1 counter on it.
Fixed: Thirst for Knowledge is properly restricted in Vintage.
Fixed: The Banned list in Magic Online for 100-card Singleton has been updated to match this list.
Fixed: The triggered ability of Gaze of the Gorgon now destroys creatures that were blocked by the targeted creature.
Fixed: The active player can no longer see which card the opponent discards to Liliana of the Veil's +1 before choosing which card he or she will discard.
Update: When a Token creature is created, that is now noted in the Game Log. Ex: “Raise the Alarm creates two Soldier tokens.”
Update: All tokens now have, “Token” added to their type line.
Update: Modal spells, while on the stack, after modes have been chosen, now have the text of modes that were not chosen appear in disabled style (gray), while the chosen modes appear in black text.
Update: When casting a spell with Convoke, creatures that could help pay the cost are highlighted in the same style as lands.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

August 5 2014 Changelist

Fixed: Artifacts with a converted mana cost of 0 can now be cast while the player controls Chief Engineer

Fixed: Tokens without rules text now have a text box added correctly when they gain rules or abilities

Fixed: Casting Chain Veil no longer changes the displayed text of the first activated ability of Planeswakers on the battlefield

Fixed: Choosing a card to put into your hand with Telling Time no longer reveals that card to your opponent

Fixed: When a player casts Gifts Ungiven, cards chosen by the opponent will now be put into the graveyard correctly

Fixed: Burning of Xinye now destroys the correct number of lands

Fixed: Tangle Wire now requires the correct number of permanents to be tapped

Fixed: Punishing Fire's triggered ability now works correctly when an opponent gains life

Fixed: Issue that can cause cards to be visually duplicated during a deckbuilding in a draft

Fixed: Several crashes around limited deck building and sideboarding

Fixed: Issue that prevents joining events or matches with a deck that contains versions of cards that are different from the versions in your collection

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

August 20 2014 Changelist


A download will be required this week.



The Magic Online User Agreement has been updated to incorporate the updated Bribery, Prize Splitting and Collusion changes described here.
Fixed: Replays now display in Account -> Game History.
Fixed: Chat is now displayed during replays.
Fixed: Clock now displays correctly during replays.
Fixed: Chat can be copy/pasted.
Fixed: Issue where new messages in a chat would change chat window size.
Updated: The Store will always default to the Store Front tab upon log in.
Event Updates

New: The event details screen was given a major overhaul including adding new display grids, better filtering and sorting of results, and more timely display of information.
New: Users can now Hide Events that they have joined until that event is ready to start, as well as Hide Events in progress. Users can Unhide events as well. Events will pop up when they begin as well.
Updated: Users who click the X in the top right corner of a game now are only hiding that game/event. They are no longer dropping from the event.
New: The way to Drop from Events from this screen as well has been improved. You now drop from Events on the Game Details screen.
New: You can now access your events from the Play Lobby Navigation tab.
Card and Gameplay Fixes

Fixed: The activated ability of Necropotence now exiles cards face down. Previously, if you had searched your library earlier in the game, Necropotence would exile cards face up.
Updated: You can now play games with decks that have cards that you own copies of, even if you don’t own the specific version that is in the deck being used. For example, if you have a foil Misdirection in your deck but only a regular Misdirection in your collection, the game will start and your deck will have the regular Misdirection in your deck.
Updated: Reduced size of the Red Zone.
Fixed: Defaults for Hand Size and Temporary Windows, such as those caused by Triggered Abilities have been updated.
Fixed: Multi-target spells, such as Launch the Fleet, now indicate with highlighting and arrows which creatures have been targeted.
Fixed: When a player is required to interact with a window for the game to proceed, such as placing triggers on the stack, that window will now default to become the top window.
Fixed: You can now resize the Exile (Can be Cast) window without it resetting to its default size and position.
Fixed: The Chat and Log now remain sticky when docked between games and matches.
Fixed: Card affected by a long lasting ability have the inward blue arrows to properly indicate association.
Fixed: You can no longer undo (CTRL-Z) the mana payment of Oppressive Rays to both allow your creature to block and receive back the mana payment.
Fixed: Drawing a card from among a selection of cards (ex. Tomorrow, Azami’s Familiar) no longer crashes the game.
Fixed: Exiled cards are now dimmed on the battlefield properly.
Fixed: Battlefield dims for only the proper player when activating Monstrosity as the defending player during Combat Phase.


Updated: Classifieds have updated Default Behavior to better match behavior that was used in V3.
Fixed: The Wish List feature now properly calculates how many of an individual card are needed.
Fixed: Receiving 1 copy of a card no longer removes all copies from your Wish List.
Fixed: The number display indicating the number of cards selected for trade now dims and displays properly.
Collection Fixes

Removed: Players can no longer create custom categories for decks. Decks will all be organized and stored by format. If you had decks in the Custom folder, you can find those decks in the format where they are legal.
Updated: Saved and older Limited decks can now be found under the Freeform category. The Limited category has been removed.
Fixed: Items that are added to an active trade binder are now properly reflected and immediately updated in the Collection scene.
Fixed: After using tickets, the updated quantity is now properly displayed immediately after use.
Fixed: Sorting by Collection number now properly sorts by Collection number.
Fixed: Adding and removing the same card from a deck quickly no longer provides an incorrect quantity of cards ending up in the deck.
Fixed: Selecting to not show foils now properly removes foils from being shown in all instances.
Fixed: Selecting “Add All to Open Binder” now properly adds all copies of the selected card to the open binder.
Fixed: Having more copies of a card in your deck than in your collection will now properly indicate how many copies are needed rather than incorrectly saying that all copies are needed.

Crash Fixes

Fixed: Player not seeing the contents of Trade partner’s trade binder no longer causes a crash.
Fixed: In some instances, the user encounters had experienced a crash when navigating away and back to the collection scene.
Fixed: Opening a new chat with a chat already docked causes either a visual error or a crash.
Fixed: Attempting to watch games with excessively long status causes a crash.
Fixed: In some instances, closing a private chat window crashed the client. The issue is now resolved.
Fixed: Right clicking on cards in the matches’ pane that are not owned no longer causes a crash.
Fixed: Game no longer crashes when the user opens the Wish list binder after adding an unowned card to the wish list.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

September 17 Changelist


Collection and Trade

Fixed: Occasional crash when trying to add cards to a new binder that is not the active binder
Fixed: Crash in Trade when dragging and dropping cards to the “Will Receive” area
Fixed: Issue that could prevent context menu from adding items to a deck or trade binder after previously adding or removing items to a deck or binder
Added: New warning icon for decks that contain versions of cards that are different than those in a player's collection
Fixed: While "Show Versions Separately" is selected, double clicking a pile to add cards to a deck or binder will only add the selected version
Fixed: When adding cards to a deck or binder, the correct version is added when "Show Versions Separately" is not selected
Fixed: Issue that caused incorrect quantity of items to show in collection and binder after using the "Add All to Open Binder" context menu selection while versions of the selected item were already in the binder
Duel Scene and Play Lobby

Updated: Adjusted default sizes and locations for several Duel Scene elements, including: starting hand size, minimum hand size, sizes of cards in temporary windows and on the battlefield, and "Red Zone" size
Fixed: If an opponent has revealed his or her hand, and then concedes, the revealed cards no longer persist for the next game
Added: “Clear deck selection” button in Play
Fixed: Event Details window updates game records as matches are completed. Standings will not be updated until the end of the round.
Added: Players can now use text search during limited deck building
Card Issues

Fixed: Creature enchanted by Oppressive Rays can no longer block other creatures while Noble Quarry is attacking
Fixed: You can no longer pay off-color mana for costs that require a specific color payment. Previously, that mana was consumed, not refundable and provided no benefit.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

September 30 Changelist




Updated: The Magic Online Account Creation site and Reset Password site have an updated look and feel. The sites also now better describe the rules for creating usernames, passwords and security question answers. In addition, the error handling workflows and messaging have been improved.

Updated: You can now save and reload decks during deck building in Draft and Sealed. Use the right-click option to load variations of your deck after previously saving it.

Fixed: The Free Server no longer gives a random deck choice when the Dragon’s Hoard deck is selected.

Fixed: Issues around rebinding “Look at facedown creatures” from F5 to another key have been resolved.


Game Play


Updated: Counters placed onto permanents are now right-aligned.

Updated: There have been updates to when reminder text shows up when zooming on triggered abilities.

Updated: Modal spells now have bullet points to match the update to Oracle. When cast, the selected modes will appear in black text while the unselected modes will be grey.

Fixed: Spirespine (and other 'Must Block' creatures) no longer gives illegal blocker error if it doesn't block, which previously prevented the game from progressing.

Fixed: Players are now told which type of card they are supposed to choose for each selection made for Cataclysm.

Fixed: Players now get better prompting with cards such as Cone of Flame which multi-target different amounts of damage.

Fixed: Blue text now properly appears for creatures granted Dethrone.

Fixed: When attempting to cast Rescue from the Underworld through Unexpected Results the player can now proceed in all situations.

Fixed: Nissa, Worldwaker abilty now properly displays Elemental subtype on the targeted land.

Fixed: Wrath effects such as Blasphemous Act, Mutilate, etc. no longer cause the game to crash in multiplayer games when killing multiple creatures.


Look and Feel


Added: There is now a Morph overlay that shows when a Morph creature is facedown.

Updated: When looking at or zooming on facedown creatures, the creature shown has an updated visual.

Fixed: Sliver Hive’s context menu has been updated for correctness and clarity.

Fixed: The art for all Planeswalkers now properly displays when their abilities are placed onto the stack.

Fixed: Basic Snow Lands now have the mana symbol properly displayed in their text box.

Fixed: M15 Avatars now properly display in the Home Scene and Draft Scenes.

Fixed: Sliver tokens now have the proper frame.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for October 22


Extended Downtime for October 22, 2014

All tournaments will close Wednesday, October 22, at 12:00 a.m. Pacific (7:00 UTC)

Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 2:45 a.m. Pacific(9:45 UTC)

The system will be down from 3:00 a.m. Pacific (10:00 UTC) until 12:00 p.m. Pacific (19:00 UTC)

A download is required this week.




Fixed: Free server deck selection no longer gives a player a random deck when they choose to play the Dragon’s Hoard deck.

Fixed: Cards that were not printed at the common rarity on Magic Online are no longer allowed in Pauper. Previously, cards printed at the common or special Time Spiral rarity in Magic were being allowed into the Pauper format.

Fixed: Issue that could prevent client from loading correctly after log in.

Added: Players can now view their ratings in the client.

Fixed: Issue that allowed chat to bypass the profanity filter when reloading chat.

Fixed: Occasional crash in chat.


Play Lobby, Duel Scene and Events


Fixed: In specific situations where creatures have died on previous turns, Spirespine and other 'Must Block' creatures gives an illegal blocker error if it doesn't block.

Fixed: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant's trigger no longer creates multiple zombies instead of one.

Fixed: Activating mana abilities with exactly the right amount of mana in your mana pool should now automatically consume mana.

Fixed: Discarding Ugin's Nexus no longer gives an extra turn.

Fixed: Raid now triggers from creatures put onto the battlefield from the opponent's library.

Updated: Winterflame’s targets and choices are now made clear in the game log.

Updated: Incremental Growth targets and choices are now made clear in the game log.

Fixed: Ashcloud Phoenix now returns under the proper player's control when controlled by a player other than its owner.

Fixed: Clever Impersonator now triggers raid ability of opponent's creature it's copying.

Fixed: The text shown in the game log for Outlast abilities is no longer missing a parenthesis.

Fixed: Cannibalize and similar effects no longer cause a crash if attempting to target two creatures that two different opponents control.

Updated: Name and type frames of two and three color cards have been updated to better match the printed version of these cards.

Fixed: Still Life now becomes a creature when activated.

Fixed: Halcyon Glaze now turns into a creature when you cast a creature spell.

Fixed: If a planeswalker would take trample damage and is removed from the battlefield before damage, it no longer crashes the client.

Updated: Madness prompt box text now better instructs users to click on the card to cast it. [IN:087999]

Fixed: Commanders that exile cards no longer bring all exiled permanents in to play when soulbonded with a Deadeye Navagator after its ability is activated.

Fixed: Creature enchanted by Oppressive Rays can no longer block in all situations when its mana payment is canceled.

Fixed: Mindslaver now allows floating mana to pay for spells and abilities when controlling a player. You must use the mana symbols in the left-center prompt box to make these payments.

Fixed: Issue that caused players to lose connection to their event and time out after submitting a deck during sideboarding.

Added: Moved game zones and added ability for players to open zones in separate windows.

Fixed: Issue that can cause cards to be duplicated during sideboarding and prevent deck submission.

Fixed: Issue that could cause a crash in multiplayer when clicking "Restore Defaults" in the Options settings.

Fixed: Issue that prevented the game from progressing when creatures that changed controllers had triggered abilities still controlled by the creature's owner.

Fixed: Issue that prevented triggered abilities from appearing in some situations.

Fixed: Revealed hands no longer persist between rounds of a tournament.

Fixed: End of match dialogue now displays correct game winner and does not repeat match winner multiple times.

Fixed: The "Drop from Event" button no longer displays to players watching open play matches.

Fixed: Viewing event standings no longer displays "You have been eliminated" text.

Fixed: Closing open play match windows now prompts for concession or hiding match.

Updated: Closing a game window now differentiates between open play and tournaments.

Updated: Library window will have three basic sizes (single card, two to nine cards, and more than ten cards) that will be remembered separately.

Fixed: Library temporary windows now remember their previous size.

Fixed: Issue that could cause cards to appear stretched in various game zones.


Collection and Trade


Fixed: Issue that can cause cards in decks to register as not in collection.

Updated: Special rarity filter now works better when "Show Versions Separately" is selected. Other fixes to rarity filtering arrive with a future update but are not fixed in this update.

Fixed: When receiving a trade request while Magic Online is not in focus, players will now get an alert and the task bar icon will flash.

Fixed: When completing a trade where one player is not receiving items, the trade complete dialogue will now correctly show.

Added: Players can now apply Collection filter settings to binders, decks, and sideboards.

Fixed: Issue that prevented binders and decks from updating correctly after a card was removed.

Fixed: Collection quantity should now correctly show when cards are added to a sideboard.

Fixed: The "Add all but 4" options now works correctly when adding items to a binder.

Fixed: A crash that can occur when using the Wish List function in Trade.

Fixed: A crash that can occur when opening a product that makes a pre-constructed deck.

Fixed: A number of crashes and performance issues related to filters within Trade.

Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for November 7


Fixes and Updates

Game Play


  • Fixed: Glittering Wish now allows you to wish for split cards where each half is a different single color.
  • Fixed: Creatures with enters-the-battlefield triggers that enter the battlefield at the same time will now all trigger off of each other.
  • Fixed: You can only discard your commander once to the same discard effect.
  • Fixed: Turn to Frog affecting Nighthowler or a similar creature no longer causes it to die as the turn ends
  • Fixed: The “Cancel” button in “Choose X” prompts now cancels the spell or ability instead of functioning like the “OK” button.
  • Fixed: Virtue's Ruin is now legal in the proper formats.
  • Fixed: The rules text of Entwine cards now appears correctly on the stack.
  • Updated: The actions around a player exiling cards with the delve mechanic including the prompt, highlighting, and the log have been updated. Additionally, exiled cards for delve now all go to exile simultaneously both visually and mechanically. This impacts cards such as Rakshasa Vizierwhose triggered ability will now only trigger once when exiling cards with delve.




  • Fixed: The context menu for a trade binder now works without the user having to open a deck first.
  • Fixed: Dual lands from Masters Edition now have the alternating rectangle rules text boxes.
  • Updated: We have retitled the "Place triggered abilities on the stack" and "[PLAYERNAME]'s triggers" windows to "PLAYERNAME's triggered abilities."
  • Updated: Khans of Tarkir 5-card booster has an updated image.
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for December 3 2014




  • Fixed: Players who are muted can no longer use Challenge Notes when challenging a player to communicate with them.
  • Fixed: The "Non-game Chat: Allow Only Buddies" option no longer blocks trade chat when trading with someone not on your buddy list.
  • Updated: Additional loading adjustments to reduce log in time.
  • Fixed: Example card is now present in Account settings page


Game Play, Duel Scene, and Events


  • Fixed: Stormsurge Kraken no longer generates a bug message to the game log when cast.
  • Fixed: Battlefield Thaumaturge no longer reduces the cost of instants and sorceries targeting creature spells on the stack, such as spells that counter creature spells.
  • Fixed: Ghost Quarter’s text box message now reads correctly.
  • Fixed: Nahiri, the Lithomancer’s first ability now attaches to the correct token.
  • Fixed: Cruel Ultimatum’s resolution no longer sometimes restarts the game.
  • Fixed: Trinisphere’s effect now interacts correctly when casting an X spell.
  • Fixed: Dragon Throne of Tarkir’s ability now works correctly when the equipped creature has a negative power.
  • Fixed: Various library searching cards no longer hang the game if there is nothing legal to find in the library.
  • Fixed: X now must equal zero when casting a spell through cascade.
  • Fixed: Client no longer sometimes grays out the submit button when player has made a legal deck.
  • Fixed: Modal spells now Context menu for modal spells don't use the modal cast header.
  • Fixed: When copying of a spell with damage distributed among targets, the targets are now written in the corresponding order to the game log.
  • Fixed: Daretti, Scrap Savant’s delayed triggered ability now displays the correct art.
  • Fixed: Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury rules text now displays correctly.
  • Fixed: Artisan of Kozilek in C14 now has the correct frame.
  • Fixed: Artifact creature tokens do not have visible art when zoomed in on or viewed in the preview pane.
  • Fixed: Lands with the M15 frames no longer have faded rules text backgrounds.
  • Updated: Creatures cards chosen for Grave Crawler are highlighted in red.
  • Fixed: C14 Offering spells no longer display that a player has been chosen before the choice is made.
  • Fixed: Song of the Dryads attached to another Song of the Dryads now appears correctly. (The functionality had always been correct.)
  • Fixed: Eldrazi Spawn tokens no longer have blacked-out rules text boxes when viewed on the battlefield.
  • Fixed: Alerts for cards entering a zone no longer pop up under the zone frame
  • Fixed: Prevented a crash from occurring when the draft autosave file location was too long
  • Updated: Legacy Cube and Holiday Cube formats are now named correctly.
  • Updated: Removed the round reference in scheduled tournaments without a top-8 playoff
  • Updated: Game Details colors now update correctly when records are updated
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented saved limited decks from being loaded
  • Fixed: An issue that caused cards to be duplicated during drafting
  • Fixed: If the client and server become out of sync during a draft, during deck building the server will update the client to be correct
  • Updated: Right clicking a card in draft to activate the context menu no longer applies the highlight treatment to the selected card
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented all cards (selectable and non-selectable) from being displayed when a spell or effect had limited selection criteria (Thoughtseize, Evolving Wilds, and so on)

  • Fixed: Issue that stacked cards in a single row when the size of a temporary window was decreased past a certain point.

  • Updated: Temporary windows size and locations should be remembered more consistently between matches.  


Collection and Trade


  • Fixed: Issue with sorting list view columns not updating quantity fields
  • Fixed: Issue with quantities adjustments being inverted in collection
  • Fixed: Selecting a group of cards with different versions and selecting "Add 1 to Active Binder" or "Add 1 to Open Binder" now adds one of each version
  • Updated: Rarity filtering will work as expected in more filtering cases
  • Updated: Excluded decks from having the quantity filter applied when using "Apply Filters"
  • Fixed: Issue that caused the size of panes to be locked in a trade after resizing
  • Fixed: Issue that caused pile windows to be minimized
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for December 17, 2014


Game Play, Duel Scene, and Events


  • Fixed: Cards that sometimes did not appear when moving from drafting to deckbuilding now appear
  • Updated: If a player gets an error when submitting deck, client will check with server to verify card pool and update if needed


Collection and Trading


  • Updated: Deck automatically saving now only happens as needed instead of with every card change
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline

Changelist for January 27, 2015


Magic Online Gameplay


  • The Banned and Restricted lists have been updated as described in the January 19, 2015 announcement. In addition, the 100-Card Singleton list has been updated to match the Banned list currently enforced in Magic Online.
  • Delve has been updated with better prompt box text, updated highlighting for indicating which cards are available to be exiled, updated workflow to move all cards from the graveyard to exile simultaneously, and updated log text.
  • You can now select opponent’s creatures while casting Duneblast even if you don’t control a creature.
  • Fixed an issue that caused cards that have multiple targets to select, such as Arc Lightning or Inferno Titan, have the 'OK' improperly grayed out preventing users from being able to proceed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused choices such as shuffling with Ponder to incorrectly register the incorrect response from the player.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused when tokens in older frames gained blue text. For example, casting Hive Stirrings when any ability granting Sliver was on the battlefield.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused when Fade Away was cast while there were multiple creatures on the battlefield.
  • Deepcavern Imp no longer forces the player to pay Echo.
  • The window that opens when a Delayed Trigger Ability goes on the stack has been updated to better reflect that the ability is a Delayed Trigger.
  • The temporary window previously named “Exiled (Can be Cast)” has been updated to “Exile Zone (Can be Played)”.
  • Living weapon, Cycling, Reinforce, Scry, Champion, Extort, Suspend, Undying, and Annihilator have had their reminder text, prompt box text and/or trigger text updated for clarity.
  • Creatures that can choose to deal damage to a player as though it wasn’t blocked, such as Tornado Elemental, that have had their prompt box text updated for clarity.
  • Modal Triggered Abilities, such as Orzhov Pontiff, now better reflect the choice that has been made on the stack and in the game log.


Magic Online Look and Feel


  • The summoning sickness animation has been updated for an improved look and feel. We have also made huge performance upgrades compared to how the old animation impacted client performance.
  • For Fate Reforged, the premium version of new choose Khans or Dragons cards will have different animations prior to and after the choice depending on the choice that the player makes.
  • The context menu when right-clicking has been updated in styling and font. We have also removed small amounts of dead space that would cause a selection to not register. Context menus for modal cards have also been updated.
  • For some newer Planeswalker cards, the art will now break the frame to match the look and feel of physical cards. The remaining newer,Magic 2015 and more recent, Planeswalker cards will break the frame on 2/18/2015.


Magic Online General


  • Fixed a crash that was caused by deck names ending in a number.
  • We have disabled player chat on the Free Server.
  • We have redone the prompt that player’s receive after a game ends to accurately reflect who has won the game and/or match.
  • Awarded January MOCS card Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. For each 15 Season 2 (January) QPs a user had, they will receive 1 card. Full information about the Magic Online Championship program can be found here.
  • Awarded January Store Activity card (Rattleclaw Mystic) and Event Participation card (Kiora’s Follower). Full information about the Magic Online Player Rewards program can be found here.


Magic Online Account Sign-Up


  • Improved the workflow for users who have cookies and/or JavaScript disabled.
  • Improved password requirement workflow to better enforce the need for both uppercase and lowercase letters in passwords.
  • Updated the links to the Privacy Policy and ESRB information.
  • Updated the minimum system requirements from Windows XP to Windows Vista to match what the current standards are.



Known Issues


  • If a manifested creature has been granted a keyword ability that the face up creature naturally has, it will not properly display blue text to the controller indicating that the manifested creature also has that ability. For example, if you have a face-down manifested Flying Men then Lightform will not give blue rules text indicating 'Flying' on a the face-down side of the card. Even lacking the blue text, the creature will have flying properly.
  • Face-down manifested cards that change controllers have incorrect art assets when viewed by the new controller.
  • The cycle of two-colored common lands’ textbox backgrounds only display one color.
Alison L.
Associate Community Manager
Official MTG Twitter: @Wizards_Magic Official MTGO Twitter: @MagicOnline
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