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Specific question:  will a warlock with a Sunblade and the Student of Caiphon PP have the expanded crit range granted by Caiphon's Guidance when attacking with Edlritch Strike?
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Taking a deeper dive:

Caiphon's Guidance:  Your fear or radiant Warlock powers and Student of Caiphon powers score critical hits on a roll of 18-20.
Sunblade:  all damage dealt with this weapon is radiant damage.

1.  Any qualifying power that does radiant damage has an expanded crit range
2.  Any qualifying power with the radiant keyword has an expanded crit range
3.  Any power that does radiant damage always has the radiant keyword, so 1 and 2 are redundant
4.  The sunblade replaces all other similar damage types of the modified attack
5.  The sunblade adds radiant to the other similar keywords of the modified attack

Which of these are true?
"Does Radiant damage" and "Has the Radiant keyword" mean the same thing. If you do a damage type, you have that keyword. You replace all other damage keywords with the Radiant keyword. With a minor caveat about Poison that you won't care about.
Great, thanks Alcestis.  
Follow-up question:  does a warlock attack (such as Eldritch Strike) that is modified by a Sunblade still have the Arcane keyword?
Yes. Only damage type keyword gets replaced for Radiant.
Cool beans, thanks.
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