Wandering Monsters: The Restless Dead

Wandering Monsters  
The Restless Dead

By James Wyatt

It's time to wrap up our discussion of the undead with just two more: ghosts and specters. In Dragon's-Eye View a couple weeks ago, Jon talked about how to differentiate them from each other (and from wraiths) and gave a couple of ideas we've kicked around for where each one comes from. Now let's take a bit of a deeper dive into the lore behind these two creatures.

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What Do You Think?
Well I like the fact that a specter is a ghost who lost its purpose for existing or went mad.  
I don´t end to think wraiths and spectres are like ghost subraces, the tree ones have got the same origin.

Wraiths are ghost who have learnt some tricks. They are the next step of evolution. Ghost and wraiths are so differents like worn and buttlefy, larvas and imagos (insect adult stage), like mutants with superpowers. Ghosts are the "mugles" (people without magic gifts) and wraiths are the spellcasters. 

If we would compare material plane and afterlife, ghosts would ordinary citizens, the wraiths would be like vampires and the spectres like ghouls/Romero´s zombies. 

Spectres aren´t really souls of dead peoples but like almost-sentient psionic contructs created by bad vibes, the dark side of people, like living spells from Monster Manual III (3rd Ed). They aren´t corrupted souls, but twisted, corrupted reflection of the true soul, like a incorporeal parody. Spectres are created by subconcious, they aren´t really true souls. They are the tainted ballast the true soul leaves to travel to afterlife. If the soul is like a buttlefly, the spectre is the empty cocoon or chrysalis, like a rotten lecacy. 


Can we say wights are like a  happy medim between ghouls and lichs?. Too smart to be ghoul, too weak to be lichs.

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