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Okay guys let's try not to get so mean. This is the thread to hear about Yagami Fire's game! IF you are interested, post here. If you are not, post in the other threads!

Yagami fire, I want to hear about the game from when you would build the world or map. 
Can't believe there hasn't been any reply yet. I'm actually really interested in hearing about your style of DMing, Yagamifire. Seems like it'd provide a contrast to my own- I fall far further from the 'heroic fantasy' aspects of DND than you do.
I agree! I don't know why this don't have more posts. I am sure I am not alone to want to know more.

Yagami - tell us about your game! 
While We're waiting for Yagamifire to notice this thread and actually write something, May I ask a question? How do you go about worldbuilding? I personally start from one island, and then expand in the immediate area around it. Then, when the players move on, I add in the area around the place they're now at. It doesn't seem like it should work, but it's actually pretty effective. Not sure if there is a more cohesive method though- how do you do it?
My group typically doesn't build a "world," just the parts of it we use. The "points of light" conceit means that a particular area might be completely isolated, or have only minor interaction with any other are of the multiverse, so my group and I often just focus on their current location.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

That seems like a good idea, but i like to hint at other places in the world, even if the players can't get there yet. So I usually have my set of notable towns, then set them down as the players move through the world, as I mentioned in my preveious post
The players usualy are more interested in the adventure not the world. So I make the stuff we need for the adventure and in the next adventure I make more stuff then we figure out how it fits togther.

I made the whole world years ago when I first started playing D&D but it was a waste. No more. 
I usually just use one of the established campaign settings and then change whatever I need.  Then I have a big source of history, characters and environments but customized the way I need it. 

When I build from the ground up I tend to take settings from books, movies or the real world and then dungeons and dragons-ify it.  For example, the middle east gives us a setting where religious conflict, resource wars and despotic leaders can be picked up and plunked into a setting where magic and fantastic creatures exist.   Or africas blood-diamond and child soldier conflicts... just take away the ak47s, donald duck tshirts and add in griffon riders and necromancer dictators. 
How do you go about worldbuilding? I personally start from one island, and then expand in the immediate area around it.

I usually map out a tentative arc for the frist few levels, throw in a few evocative locations, and then see what captures the players' fancy.

So for instance, in my upcoming Arabian Knights theme, it starts with a desert sheikh discovering an abandoned city in his travels, and laying claim to it.  But since his god (the God of Nomads) forbids him to enter a city, he calls for adventurers willing to explore the city (and tithe a portion of the proceeds to him).  So the players are one of the eight adventuring groups (eight because the sheikh identified eight gates into the city) who answer the call.  So I come up with seven intriguing adventuring groups the PCs get to meet.  When the mystery of the city is over, which should take them to third or fourth level, I see which adventuring groups intrigues the party the most and use that to build the next part of my world.
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