Did they forget a 0 at the end of each of the Experience point goals?????

Looking at the EXPS to level it just seems like they left off a 0 at the end of each of them.
Well, a goblin is worth 10 XP, so that's 16 goblins for 1 character to hit level 2, 80 goblins for a 5-member party.  That's the right ballpark.

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I think that its too fast to lvling up

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I think it is just about right. Level up after every encounter. This allows the game to be played in a month from levels one to 20 leveling up about four times per game session. Granted you now need extra long game sessions to account for all the paperwork, but WotC made it easy, classes don't get any new abilities after first level, so it all works out just fine.

But seriously who keeps getting Mike drunk before he approves the changes? I would think a ten year old could look at those numbers and go, that isn't going to work at all.  In all seriousness you do level up after two hard encounters. Add this to the fact monsters still need a complete redo and my head could explode.
Look again...these numbers don't translate into leveling up after every encounter. A new average encounter at LVL 1 is 20 exp per player... so you would need 8 average encounters to go from LVL 1-2.

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THe first paragraph was me being sarcastic, so I know it isn't reallly every encounter. The second paragraph stresses my statement. So while for an average encounter you do get only 20 xp, but for a difficult encounter you get 80xp. It is after two difficult encounters that you level up. I suspect with how weak the monsters are, most encounters are going ot be toward the difficult end of the spectrum and less toward the average. But yes, if you only have average encounters the numbers are fine (at least for the jump to second). It is when you account for more difficult encounters that the xp is too low.
I imagine the values are low because they want us to go through the levels in a fast rate for this playtest material. Anyway, they already said in a Q&A that the speed of leveling up is one of the things that will be modular (they will give different tables for people who prefer fast, slow, or in-between leveling), so it's no big deal.
I imagine the values are low because they want us to go through the levels in a fast rate for this playtest material.

That's my thought on the issue.
Really, they can lose a magnitude and nothing changes.
I think that its too fast to lvling up

Not to restate what others have, but when done I really hope they consider what was done elsewhere, and offer us 3 leveling progressions.  Fast, Normal, Slow

It's not hard to do, once they figure out what normal is, just +/- a % and make the other two lists.

In the end however, I agree that in order to best test 1-10, we need to level at a fairly rapid pace so we can test the range.

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I DM a group of six. Even an easy kobold encounter requires 7-8 kobolds, or the PCs don't even bother rolling initiative. Now 8 kobolds is 80 XP, perhaps 100 XP total if you include a dragonshield or two. That is more than 10 XP per PC (as indicated in the DM guidelines). An encounter which the PCs will find "of average difficulty" would have an XP value of over 200 (more than 30 per PC). We've played encounters which the group found tough, but their XP value had nothing to do with the chart in DM guidelines: 500 XP total for a group of six 1st-level PCs.
So yes, the progression rate is fast. If the monsters are adjusted to be tougher (at no XP increase), the rate may seem better, but currently I have to throw 3 or 4 dragonshields and 2 trap lords at the PCs (almost 250 XP total) just to slow them down, and that's supposed to be a tough encounter!

I can understand the need for fast leveling through the playtest, but on the other hand, this is a brand new rules system, which almost noone completely grasps at the moment. To playtest all the available options, one needs to spend time using those options, not advance to the next level and gain new options before he has tested the ones he already has...
Yet another playtest with a broken xp. level progression. The reward xp seems better but the level goals seem to be to low. I always dislike the fast progression. It will effect the long term playability of the game if it becomes cannon. I'd advocate a more early edition approach to xp rewards as well as level progression.
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