I made a journal for my Warforged Wizard. Please tell me if it is interesting!

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I've always wanted to start a journal for one of my characters, but I never felt like actually writing it. When my last character died, I chose to begin writing with this new wizard. I rolled good stats for him, so I started actually writing as soon as I got home. Please tell me how I did.

Day 1:

Now that I have time for resting, I definitly need to figure out what happened to me. Since I'm going to be using this book as a record of my studies and thoughts, I think It would be best if I tried to figure out exactly what I am. Let's start with the body I reside in. It seems to be made of mostly wood, but my joints feel as if they are oiled with the sap from a tree, so they must be metal. I also notice stone attached to my mid-section that undoubtedly is meant to be used as some form of armor. I can feel the gem stones in my arm glow, even now. They seem to protrude from me so my arcane abilities are slightly heightened. I can see bolts and other connections along my legs and arms. My face consists of metal plates that react to my will. They move when I want to talk, even though I can feel my voice coming from inside me. I don't need to move my mouth to be heard, so why does my mouth have to move? I can only guess that this was an addition put onto me as a way for me to feel more person-like. I am a living construct. I was built in the factory that I was later awakened in, and I do not know what purpose I was built for. I have feelings, and can hear, see, smell, and touch, but I do not have any sense of taste because I do not eat. Sleeping is something I do to pass the time, rather then something I need to do for my abilities.

The factory I was built in was an underground and abandoned facility. When the group of adventurers found me, I was covered in plants and stone that had taken my capsule as their housing. They explained to me that I must have been one of the Warforged made in that factory, but I, like many others, had never woken up when I was needed. Due to this, my creators put me in a capsule to store my body if they ever needed extra parts.

The adventurers consisted of three people: A sinister looking Drow named Sten, who most likely stayed with them simply for the fun of adventure and gain in wealth, a strong looking Human soldier named Willtom, and a small Halfling caster named Sally who seemed mostly scared of me, but I could sense that she was simply hiding her desire to tear my limbs apart to see what my insides looked like.

They explained to me that they were given the job of investigating the recent rumors about the factory being a new home to ghosts and the undead. Being fully aware of my surroundings, I could smell a foul stench that I could only think was rotting flesh, so I instantly expected the undead to present themselves. The adventurers, however, thought that the stories were simply a myth that someone cooked up to keep people away from a treasure hidden there.

Knowing they would not know what to do against their soon-to-be enemies, I offered to follow and assist them. Upon accepting my assistance, I was given clothing and a staff to use for my weapon. Apparently the Drow stole the staff from a child, and he wanted it back as soon as I was finished. He spent a while bragging about the theft.

We ventured farther into the dark factory, and soon found ourselves in an area covered in failed Warforged. The Warforged soon awoke, and to my astonishment, instantly attacked us. With eyes as bright as the sun, and the color of blood, they looked at us as if we were intruders to their home. It took some endurance, and almost all of my energy, but we dispatched the heavily armored humanoids with haste.

Beyond that, we soon found ourselves face-to-face with the fabled undead calling this place their home. The zombies were easy to dismember due to their soft, torn flesh, but the skeletons would have given us an issue if it wasn't for the Drow's hammer.

It was just a series of corridors from there. Most of the undead were weak and easy to dispose of, but we soon found ourselves confronting the reason these foul-smelling creatures called my factory home. What stood, or rather floated, in front of our eyes, will forever be burned into my memory as if it chose my mind as a place of shelter. A lich, in full presence, was summoning it's minions and tossing them all at us.

With great fear, I stood behind the adventurers and cast as many spells I could in the hope of helping them stay alive. I would not have the first people I meet die due to my ineffectiveness. My magic stood strong, and quickly killed off the weaker minions the lich called upon us. Willtom seemed to be uncontrollable when his hatred of undead took hold of him. His eyes became bloodshot, and his fear seemed to no longer bind him. His strength seemed unending as he slayed any that stood between him and the lich.

With no surprise, he soon reached the master of necromancy, and without any resolve, he pounced on it. The lich, due to his casting requiring him to remain stationary, did not expect to be knocked off of his platform, and he soon fell to Willtom's blade.

We all watched as the Lich's ashes moved to the ring that used to be on his right hand. I realized that the lich was not dead, and would never be anything close to finished if that ring was not disposed of. Therefore, without hesitation, I shattered the gem within the ring's socket. Hearing a loud, agonizing scream of pain, I knew the lich was gone for good.

The Drow, not familiar with how lich are immortal as long as their item is still intact, soon became enraged that I would destroy an item of such worth. As I tried to explain to him, he attempted to search for some other items of value, and soon found a large chest that the lich used to store his items in.

As a token of kindness, Willtom allowed me to keep the staff that was found in the chest, along with the robes. I also claimed a few coins so I could find an inn to accept me when I parted ways with the adventurers.

Before I left, a did allow sally to look at my arm, which had been cut slightly. I thought it would ease her curiosity so she wouldn't harm another Warforged to find out our body's inner workings.

After leaving them at the entrance of the factory, I headed to the town that they informed me was near by. Soon finding an inn, I payed for a weeks stay. I needed a while to rest my joints after that much of a fight. The inn keeper seemed to enjoy the sense of security I brought, so I offered to work as a helper as long as she let me stay. She quickly agreed, since I wouldn't take up much space and didn't require drink or food.

I bought this blank book with the money I had left over from the factory escapade, and I hope it will allow me to vent my thoughts and aid in my research of the arcane.

Day 2:

Having a night to heal the cut on my arm has given my body time to adjust to movement. I still wobble a bit as I walk since I haven't been doing much of anything until I awoke from my capsule. It brings me joy to know that I have a home here in the inn, away from the danger of the factory.

Sarlina, the owner of the inn, was quick to make use of my assistance. When I wasn't assisting her with cooking, I was killing rats that took shelter in the walls. (I didn't really kill them, but I was sure not to let her see me petting them and setting the cute little furry things free outside.)

I took a small amount of pride in keeping the place clean for her. She seemed overjoyed when I cleaned the dust from the floors and shelves. It wasn't hard, I just had to sweep as fast as my arms would allow and the dust went into the air. I simply had to form a magical bubble using Prestidigitation to contain the partials.

I soon learned that Sarlina was fairly young for a human. She inherited the inn from her deceased mother, and had kept it running ever since. Feeling petty for the girl, I fixed her the best meat I could from a freshly caught stag one of the hunters gave me in exchange for my assistance in the wood mill.

She thanked me for the service in a rather strange way. She took me by the hand and embraced me with her arms. She was in tears while she did this, so I can only think that she didn't enjoy my cooking. However, the embrace lasted a while, so I believe my understanding of human behavior requires further study.

I quickly found an issue with my room. It has a window that faces directly into a home to the east of the street. In that house lives a couple that enjoy themselves a bit to much at night. I understand humans enjoy the act of voyeurism, but it seems to distract me from my work. Even while writing this, I can't turn my head without seeing the woman's head bob up and down.

I'll explain my problem with the window to Sarlina. Maybe she has a cloth I can use to block the window at night. Hopefully she won't view my study of the human reproductive system as strange.

Day 3:

My time in the inn has been enjoyable, but I can only guess that I am unwelcome in the rest of the town. People stare at me to much. I understand that I am different from them, but their eyes seem to burn into me if I don't step out of their field of vision. Maybe I should go around and help out with the jobs of the townspeople. Maybe that will allow them to welcome me more.

Sarlina is the only one that has shown any real interest in me. While I understand I am more intelligent than most people here, I sometimes find her interested in even my most complicated studies. I find a lot of enjoyment in teaching her. I suppose, if I was to take on a student of some sort, Sarlina would appreciate my teachings the most. Her mind is still young enough to grasp at unfamiliar ideas, so she would be least likely to become afraid of magic as some of the town has.

I found Sarlina staring at me today, and when I asked why, she didn't go silent like I expected. She instead asked exactly what was on her mind. She, much like Sally, didn't understand how I worked. Trusting her more then I did Sally, I disconnected my foot from my leg and showed her exactly how it worked. The studies of my body that I had done the night before seemed more fruitful then I had previously expected. She quickly found something I was unaware of. As a testament to her astounding perception, she saw that there was a slot in my foot with something missing. This can only mean that the factory intended to create attachments for my body. I may venture into the dark maze again to find parts that match me. I could use a way to silence my stomping at night.

I found a new form of entertainment. I recently gained the ability to conjure a hand using a spell that I have naturally named "Mage Hand." Using this, I get a helping hand with the cleaning, and I can create a partner for simple games. I recently created a game involving simple shapes within a grid of nine squares. You pick a shape at the beginning of the game, and the other person (Or hand) picks their shape. Then you fill in the grid with your shape, while your opponent does the same. The first player to get three consecutive shapes in a row is the victor. This proved entertaining until Sarlina got onto me for scaring the patrons with the floating hand.

Before I leave this day's section to end, I must put something here to remind myself of a thought I recently had. How did I know so much about the lich? How did I recognize the smell of the undead as soon as I was woken up? If I had not previously been given the knowledge of those things, then I shouldn't have even recognised the language that I speak. Yet, I am able to name objects, cast spells, and I have a very extensive vocabulary that I wouldn't even understand if I was just randomly awoken within that capsule. I must look into my own mind for the answer to this. I have to know what happened to my body before it was put into what was thought to be my final resting place.

However, for now, I have a greater problem that requires my attention. I have to figure out how to reconnect my foot.

The ending was pretty funny. An enjoyable journal, by this meatbag's standards.
Always right, 102% of the time.
The ending was pretty funny. An enjoyable journal, by this meatbag's standards.

Thank you! Aside from the ending, did you find it intresting? Are there things I can improve on?

Thoroughly enjoyable, it will be interesting to see how he (at least I assume it’s a he) intends to fill up his spell book (apprenticeship, research, copying from others ...)
The little slot in the foot hook was also interesting, it makes me wonder if it was just something to hold a leather "shoe" in place, or perhaps something... more...

Thoroughly enjoyable, it will be interesting to see how he (at least I assume it’s a he) intends to fill up his spell book (apprenticeship, research, copying from others ...)
The little slot in the foot hook was also interesting, it makes me wonder if it was just something to hold a leather "shoe" in place, or perhaps something... more...

I will have him take a second trip into the factory. I'm going to make a one-man adventure for that and play it out as if it were an actual game night. I already have many things planned.
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