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I figure some people here may find this interesting, particularly anyone planning on getting a Windows 8 or RT device.

It's a character sheet app that uses the .dnd4e files from the Character Builder; it doesn't have the ability to directly connect with your DDI account, so you'll have to manually export the characters.

The free version will do pretty much all the basic things you'll need to keep track of, like damage and healing, healing surge and action point tracking, and power usage.  The paid version adds in tracking ongoing effects, the ability to toggle any conditional bonuses your character might have on and off, viewing the full text of all the rituals you've mastered, adding XP and money, and even adding or editing journal entries compatible with the original offline Character Builder.

So, yeah... check it out; you might find it useful.

Figured I'd throw this quick update out here: the app just got an update that allows it to download characters directly from your DDI account, and upload the characters back to update them.
only problem i have is I cant find the paid version for Win8
You can buy the Pro version through the app itself; open up the Settings charm (swipe in from the right on a touch screen, hover your mouse on the right edge of the screen, or press Windows-C, then click "Settings"; Windows-I will take you directly there), and you'll find the option to make the purchase, as well as the app's settings page.
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