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The Level 5 power from Heroes of the Elemental Chaos called "Tentacles of Cryonax"

"You conjure two icy tentacles in an unoccupied square within the Burst (close burst 10). {...} While the tentacle persists, you can use the secondar power through it."
Does that mean I would get to use the power with Each tentacle? They both get to make attacks? Using this secondary attack is a standard action.
And since this power has the posiblilty of spawning more tentacles, would this, in theory, allow even more attacks?

Or is it "use your standard action, and one of the tentacles can make the secondary attack."
Actually, it says "While a tentacle persists, you can use the secondary power through it." An important distinction that makes it so you're only attacking through a single tentacle per standard action.

It's a really terrible power because it takes both a standard action to conjure the tentacles, and another standard action if you want to attack with one of them.
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