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I just want to get this clear.  Tonight we played 4th ed to break ourselves in.. We were playing 3.5 and Classic and decided to go 4th.
We came upon a small problem that we were having.. Powers have an attack section.. Example Players handbook 3 page 45 "Twisted Eye"
It says ATTACK: Constitution VS. AC and HIT: 1[w] + Constitution Mod
Is the attack using the Constitution entire score? Or just it's Mod? Because it only states Constitution where Hit clearly says Constitution Mod
Just the Con modifier, plus any other bonuses.
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To be more specific its Constitution modifier + 1/2 yer level rounded down + weapon enhancement bonus + weapon modifier since its a weapon power.  By the late heroic tier you also likely want to tack of feat tax with an expertise feat.

Simple Example: Level 10 Battlemind with a constitution of 18 attacks the munchkin prince with Twisted Eye. He does this with an enchanted +2 longsword (+3 weapon modifier) and has the Heavy Blade Weapon Expertise

Constitution Modifier: +4
1/2 the players level: +5
+2 enchanted weapon: +2
Weapon enhancement: +3
Heavy Blade expertise: +1

So D20 + 15 = attack roll vs the enemies AC
Modifier, plus a D20, plus any other bonuses that apply.

Next question you're likely to need to ask is about stacking bonuses.

First, a bonus is typed IF it SAYS it's typed. A bonus from a feat is not necessarily a feat bonus. (Most, but not all, say they are feat bonuses.) And I don't know of an instance of it, but at least in theory a bonus that is not from a feat could say it's a feat bonus.

Second, untyped bonuses (assuming they apply) stack whenever they apply. Period. So do typed bonuses of different types.

But third, typed bonuses of *the same* type *do not* stack. You only get the highest one that applies. 

Oh, and you get a half-level bonus on your defenses, skills, and attack rolls. Not on damage.

Yes, this does allow bonuses to stack to levels that would seem absurd in prior editions. Rest assured, the math works. And while first-level characters seem far tougher than in prior editions, so do first-level monsters.

(Recently I did some number crunching and figured out that in a battle between 100 4E first-level standard goblins and 400 3.5E first-level orcs, the goblins will probably win - they hit that much better and harder and are that much tougher. But 4E goblins are afraid of 4E orcs.)
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