Indiana Jones and other PULP type RPG's - What's out there?

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What else is out there?


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Well I'm not a huge fan of that kind of game so my knowledge is limited, I was told that the savage world systems handles that style of game well, but I dunno for sure.

Shadowrun, world of darkness games, and cthulhutech have or can have pulp elements but are a bit more overtly supernatural than Indy likes to be until the last 5 minutes of the movie.

d20 modern comes to mind, but that's another wizard's product run off the same framework as 3e.
Dangerous Journeys: Mythus has a strong pulp flavoring to it. That and grade B sci fi flicks. Gygax was raised on the stuff as a kind. You may be able to find the rules for DJ: Unhallowed and DJ; Changeling online if you ask nice. Both are right full of pulp fiction goodness, especially DJ: Changeling.

Check around, you may find an old TSR roaring twenties game.
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While not the same setting as Indy Barbarians of Lemuria is great for any kind of pulp adventure. It's fast, improv heavy and has just the right mix of danger and powerful characthers. The system is very light and easy to understand so converting to Indiana Jones style adventures would take maybe half a page of house rules. There's a free version of it and an expanded version of it so download the free version to check it out. The free version is completely playable though the cleric and alchemist abilities are wonky. The expanded version focuses more sharply on the setting so it may be less useful but has a lot of neat ideas in it. I'll second the recommendation for Savage Worlds, I've not played it but I've heard good things about it.
I assume that since you've used Indiana Jones as an example that perhaps you want something of that same general era. I really like that particular era and have several such games on my shelf. Here are a couple that come to mind offhand:

(1) Amazing Adventures (Troll Lord Games) -- based on Castles & Crusades, a very D&D-like game. It's set up to be pulp but with a potential for the supernatural; the spells in the game are similar to those you might see in C&C.

(2) Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes (Flying Buffalo) -- based on 5E Tunnels & Trolls, this game is good for pulp era or detective or espionage style games.

(3) Spirit of the Century (Evil Hat Games) -- based on FATE, this is more of a story-telling game style.

(4) Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) -- There are a number of supplements designed specifically for 1920's investigators. This is more of a horror-style game, but could be done for pulp as well.

(5) Gangbusters (TSR) -- long out of print, GB is designed to be a "roaring 20's" style game but could be amped up to fit more pulpy game styles with some tweaks.

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Hollowed Earth Expedition is specifically an Indiana Jones styled game. Complete with Nazis. Of course, it has dinosaurs and a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" vibe, but it is very much set up like Indiana Jones.
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