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Okay so I have made a deck using some of the new cards I have gotten from the new set and some other cards I had.  I want to mold this deck into something playable!

I play casual play with friends so no cards are banned, so any suggestions on what to take out or add to the deck would help very much thank you.

heres the decklist:


Chandra's spitfire x3
Rakdos, Lord of Riots x2
Guttersnipe x2
Cryptborn Horror x2
Hellrider x2
Inferno Titan x2
Rakdos Cackler x2
Stuffy Doll
Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
Zealous Conscripts
Rakdos the Defiler
Crypt Champion


Lightning Bolt x2
Uncanny Speed x2
Murder x2
Burnt Offering
Go for the Throat


Bump in the Night x2
Dreadbore x2
Devil's Play
Reforge the Soul


Blood Reckoning
Curse of Bloodletting


Rakdos Signet


Chandra, the Firebrand


Montain x9
Swamp x9
Dragonskull Summit x4

yea so I know it is not a good deck at all and when I do win with it it is usually a very lucky hand, so any advice would be greatly appriciated. 

Initial perceptions are like this... Black Red usually wants to be aggro, hit fast, hit hard, and not screw around...

       4x Demigod of Revenge (because hes a bada**, big hitter by air, can be sacrificed and re-animates with another for free)
       4x Blightning (more damage pump for spitfire and some discard benefits)

       1x Blood reckoning (rakdos don't like defense... go for the throat!)
       1x Stuffy Doll... (too passive without a combo)
       1x burnt offering. (if you must go mana accel, go for dark ritual)
       2x inferno titan. (Too slow)
       2x hellrider (too weak)
       1x curse of bloodletting (at 5 mana you can do better, and likely they will already be seriously injured.)
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