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color/card in DOTP and why? As people can probably tell I am a fan of insurrection. My favorite color is red by far, but they have yet to make a red deck that did what I wanted it to do. I can't really explain it. I feel creatures are to over rated and need a burn the face build that works!

Also color combo's. Even if they keep making izzet less than optimal it's still my favorite to play, though I do believe they did 2013 pretty well. Puca's mischief has been a gem for me. It's not necessary but when you can trade the chronarch for say, lord of unlreal, well let's say it's more fun than it looks.

Post your thoughts? Please? Laughing

Avenger of Zendikar is not game... Got a question as to whether a card without shroud or hexproof is good? Answer is, dies to removal. "Control Slivers"
Favorite color: blue.  Reason: Playing control decks is more fun than playing aggro decks and blue is the best control color.  

Favorite card: Gelectrode.  Reason: because it murders so many things even though it appears to be so harmless.  A close second goes to Massacre Worm, which doesn't really need a reason.

Favorite color combo: blue/red.  I used to hate the Izzet deck but now I love it, once I settled on a couple of builds.  The blue/red decks from 09 and 12 were also very fun to play (especially 09 - that deck + deck editing / more unlocks would have been amazing)

Caveat:  I have yet to play a good blue/black deck.  Did 09 even have one?  I bought 09 after I bought 2012 so I haven't unlocked everything in it yet.  And 2012 didn't really have one, I don't think the artifact deck counts.  A long time ago on this forum someone posted a deck idea for a blue/black dimir(?) deck that looked pretty amazing to play.  

Second Caveat: the deck from 09 involving the Grixis cards and was blue/black/red was probably the best/most fun overall deck I've played, but the lack of deck editing for it also makes me very sad.

Can't honestly claim to have a favorite color if we're limiting it to DOTP. It's all down to the individual decks.

For favorite cards, in D12 it was Evacuation and Mass Polymorph, two cards I really wish I had paper copies of.
In D13, it's Panoptic Mirror and Erratic Portal.

As far as paper goes, I still can't really nail down a single preference. I play Blue somewhat more frequently than other colors, and I play White somewhat less frequently. I play Blue/Red and Green/Black more frequently than other two-color combos, and I play Blue/White less frequently.

As for favorite cards, Viscera Seer, Coiling Oracle, Infiltration Lens, and Gelectrode all hold a special place in my heart for being extremely efficient at what they do, as does Trading Post for all the wacky combos it enables; especially that 3rd ability, which I usually read as ": Sacrifice an artifact creature, then return it to your hand". Works wonders with Wurmcoil Engine.

But my absolute favorite card ever printed is probably none other than Inferno Titan, just because he's so easy to break.

Ever seen an Inferno Titan with Curiosity/Snake Umbra/Tandem Lookout?
How about Arm with Aether? Basilisk Collar?
Or my all-time favorite, Grafted Exoskeleton. There's nothing quite like an 8/8 Firebreather with Infect who can drop three poison counters before blockers are even declared.

Good times.

Tripp, I was in your camp for a long time. It was hard to get away from playing Red cause it was so damn fun to burn (and win), hence the first part of my name. The devil. Given to me by a friend who noticed my fondness for Red.
I must admit D13 has really brought out the Blue and Black in me.

Of topic: Explaining the rest of my ID. Asked of me many times.
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Mastergear_Owen's take on Magic 2014 Campaign.

You know what I've got more issues. Whats up with the story in this game? The adverts said I was going to team up with Chandra and we were going to kick butt and chew bubblegum across the planes on a revenge campaign against some... guy she knew I guess? Who's Ramaz anyway? What do I get instead? I beat Chandra like 2 minutes in with a mono-green stompy thing Garruk gave me (why does he keep giving all these new planeswalkers his deck) and then I spent like 5 hours jumping from plane to plane picking up random nicknacks for her mantlepiece while she sits back back doing her nails or something. I was thrown in jail! I got hit by a Roil Storm twice! Do you know how many rats are on Ravnica, Chandra? All of them! All of the rats! All of the rats eating me!

Then we go kick her Ex's bearded-screaming-butt and what does she do to help? Nothing! She throws of the occasional fire ball and spends her time trying not to freeze to death. You should have worn pants Chandra. While we're on the subject what happened to your shoes? You had like Steelies on. Steelies are cool. Now your running around with stupid boots with like 5-inch heels? Thats not appropriate footware for Planeswalking! That's not appropriate footware for normal walking! At least Liliana is doing it for the whole 'evil is sexy' thing and can summon undead to carry her when she breaks her ankle. What are you going to do ride a Phoenix? Its made of fire! You'll fall right through! Man I should have gone Planeswalking with Liliana - yeah she'd crack my head open with a rock 5 minutes in and raise my corpse to serve her but at least we could have gone dancing!

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Favorite colour in DOTP? You know that one. It's White. Almost every deck I love has some white in it somewhere, so it can hardly be anything else. Favorite card is probably Arrest. I would kill to replace all the pacifism's with this in peacekeepers. Plenty other cards I love in DOTP though, such as Conqueror's Pledge and Gideon's Lawkeeper

Yes, there was a U/B deck in 2009, it was an amazing artifact deck called Relics of Doom, and I wish it was here in some form in 2013. How can you go wrong with cards like Sharding Sphinx and Master of Etherium, and of course the Ornithopter? a 0????cmc 2 toughness flier? With access to four Leonin Scimitar and a Loxodon Warhammer? Not to mention you could drop them to buff a Glaze Fiend and the afformentioned master. Oh, and a little card called Tinker...yeah, there is a reason I love artifact decks, and i'm reaaaally hoping to get a U/W one sometime in the future. Maybe in duels 2014, right? 

Favorite colour combo is U/W, or B/W, favorite deck ever in DOTP was Machinations, which was U/B/W. Close second was the W Wielding Steel, and third is currently the W Peacekeepers. I seem to have a one track mind...

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to go on about the equipment deck in 2009 too, how silly of me. A few cards there will always be special to me, such as the hilarious looking Guard Duty, and the ultimate stall tactic, Excommunicate. Actually, while Arrest is still amazing, my favorite mght actually be Martial Coup, for it's tiebreaker ability. still useful without the 7cmc if you are in a pickle. And don't forget Flickerwisp...
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
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Oh right, I forgot about Relics of Doom; I haven't fully unlocked that deck yet either.  It's not what I'd normallly consider a blue/black deck though, I like artifact decks quite a bit but that deck plays differently from what I would expect a normal blue/black deck would (it's been a long, long time since I've played paper magic though and I have no idea what blue/black decks look like today without cards like Dark Ritual).  I usually think of artifact decks as their own separate class.
Favorite color? Blue. It combos so very well with every other color but stands well on its own. All of my favorite decks from DotP have had blue in them (Ancient Depths, Crosswinds, Root of the Firemind, Mind of Void).

Favroite card? It would have to be Memory Erosion. There was nothing more satisfying than having all 4 Erosions on the battlefield with a fleet of defenders.

Gelectrode comes in as a close second.
My favorite color in dotp and magic in general is green.
I can't decide which card is my favorite really, there are many of them!

Damn the system and its hypocrites! You quit your quest and venture into the slums of the Gruul Clans!
Damn the system and its hypocrites! You quit your quest and venture into the slums of the Gruul Clans!
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If restrained to Duels, favorite color is likely red. Black's a close second though, and my favorite outside of Duels. After burning out Eyes of Shadow and Gravewhispers, I really started to dig the red decks and fell in love with the color. Even began to seep into my real life playstyle as I found myself drafting red in my cube drafts more often. I just love aggressive strategies and slinging burn towards the face feels so great, so I guess this was a natural change.

Favorite card in the color: Chandra's Phoenix. Sweet art, haste rocks, and you get it back when you set your opponents ablaze. Awesome.

Rune-Scarred Demon for black as my secondary color.
For just Duels I feel inclined to say that I've enjoyed using black the most, but it largely depends on how the deck is constructed. Could eaily enjoy one black deck while another doesn't suit me. Initially I was most interested in green's Pack Instinct, but later when I invested into Obedient Dead I noticed that I had it structed in a pretty similar fashion except black offered more control among other things.

For a long time I've had trouble pinning down on a favorite color in general, but I've always known that red has been my least favorite color. It's never been my preferred style, but I'll enjoy red more when it's paired with something else like with Izzet and Rakdos. Both of which ended up being the expansion decks I found myself playing the most which I was not expecting. Of the remaining Ravnica guilds I'm anticipating that I will enjoy the Dimir deck the most when it gets released. When Ravnica first came out Dimir was an easy first choice for me.

Addressing the question of color combos specifically, I don't think I've narrowed down on just one, but the ones that come to mind that appeal to me are black/blue, black/green, and blue/green. Basically every combination of those three colors. I know red is the least appealing to me (though I do quite enjoy using Izzet) and I like using white as well, but I seem to get bored with white more quickly. If the deck is contructed in an appealing fashion I think any color combination could be enjoyable, but currently I'm most interested in black, blue, and green.

As a side note I went through Wizard's quiz. First time was a few weeks ago and then I went through it again the other day. I know I didn't answer the questions the same way (or got different questions the second time around), but both times I got Simic as my result. I think I agree with that. Only the secondary guild listings changed, but not by much (Selesnya got dropped for Dimir).

For my favorite card I want to say Corrupt. A very solid card for swinging things in your favor or even stealing a win. It's part of the reason why I decided on black as my favorite color since Obedient Dead offers such variety in what that deck can do. Creature control, card advantage, life gain, etc.
my favorite color is blue and black. blue for spell control and black for creature control. two favortite decks to show this is my favorite deck crosswinds with ulitmate control and adaptbility towards all decks and obedient dead for ulitmate creature control and late game win. both have strengths and weaknesses such as both colors being slow at beginning but in the end game slow and stady wins the race.Cool
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