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I want to build a R/G casual deck to spice up my play group sessions. I am not a very good deck builder and our Saturdays are starting to get a little stale. 

I know there are many possible decks to build for this color combo and was hoping for a little nudge in the right direction. What I would like are some possible deck ideas that give a basic theme/style of the deck and a couple of the key pieces. I appreciate any and all input. You are the masters, I am the Padawan. 
are you looking for more of a multiplayer deck or a duel deck?  I'm more of a duelist myself but the type of deck you want to build would vary greatly on this subject.
Traditionally I have been a duelist but the last few months it has been nothing but multiplayer free-for-alls.
I liked running Nature's Will followed with Aggravated Assault around a deck full of rattlesnakes. It seems pretty defensive and staves off alot of attacks early, then when you are set up, you can start attacking with creatures (usually one with some nice evasion) to set up a string of infinite combat phases. You will quickly decimate any opponents with few blockers and set up the others to make some bad blocks to survive or to stop your combo. You usually have to give a little enchantment protection or retrieval in the deck but its nice when it takes off. Throw in a little board wipe for creatures and you can potentially take out everyone in one turn if they can't deal with the combo.
You could try an X deck with Rosheen Meanderer. Use a bunch of x spells like Feral Hydra, Primordial Hydra and Blaze etc. Vexing Shusher is good if counters are a problem, and something like Goblin Clearcutter or Orcish Lumberjack can help speed the deck up.
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