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this is what I have made so far, trying to keep it standard and sort-of "on the budget"...

 4 x Bump in the Night

 2 x Duty Bound Dead 

 4 x  Electrickery 

 1 x Dark Favor 

 4 x Vampire Interloper 

 3 x Searing Spear 

 1 x Flames of the Firebrand 

 4 x Rakish Heir 

 1 x Murder 

 4 x Vampire Nighthawk 

 4 x Stromkirk Captain

 3 x Duskmane Prowler  

 3 x Mark of the Vampire   

 1 x Vampire Nocturnus  

 10 x Mountain  

 14 x Swamp  

Suggestions welcomed! ;)

Bump - really no suggestions of improvements?

Remove Duty Bound Dead, Dark Fevor,Duskmane Prowler,Mark of vampire,bump in the night

Try to add cards like Stromkirk Noble or Rankdos Cackler if you are on budget 

cards like Pillar of flame Brimstone Volley  Tragic Slipfor some removal

Deviant Glee might work here also Rakdos Guildgate for mana fix Sign in Blood for draw power

Other good vampires are Bloodcrazed Neonate Markov Blademaster Bloodline Keeper Falkenrath Marauders

Also there are many posts about Vampire deck around the forum go check them

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