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Instead of running 4 Jungle Shrines, I'd try going for 1 or 2 of each of the tri colored Alara lands: Crumbling Necropolis, Arcane Sanctum,  and Seaside Citadel. Otherwise, it looks pretty solid. I wouldn't want to play against it. :P
I love the Slivers and am in the process of (slowly) tweaking my deck.  You're deck looks like it would work well (it's slivers - they always work well) but I'll give some suggestions that I found helped me;


4x Crystalline Sliver  I'd run these and ditch any sliver that has a "target sliver" ability.  The advantage these guys give me every time I get them out is unbeatable.  I consider these to be a requirement; even if you only run 2 for awhile (like I currently am)
2x Darkheart Sliver  No cost; just sac for life.  great if your opponent does some mass removal.
2x Synapse Sliver  keeping slivers in hand to cast can be hard; this guy helps - especially combined with Shifting Sliver.
2-4x Talon Sliver combine with 2-4Toxin Sliver.  It doesn't happen after combat like death touch; your sliver hits first and the creature is destroyed.
2x Necrotic Sliver

I would probably ditch either Muscle Sliver or Sinew Sliver to add more effect slivers; 2 more Heart Slivers would help; combine them with Gemhide and you have a happy day.


4x Meteor Crater  Not the best land but in a sliver deck you shouldn't have any problems.
4x Ancient Ziggurat
4x Exotic Orchard  Not great but if they play more then one colour it can be enough.

I'd also consider running 4x Overrun 

These are just some suggestions;  I'm still trying to perfect mine but I found these guys to be a benefit.

I wouldn't recommend the Rupture Spire - It comes in tapped AND you have to pay 1;  you basically lose a turn for that card so it kind of kills your rythum.  At the end of the day they're Slivers; as long as you don't load up on all fatties they are a tough tribe to beat and easy to use and tweak as you play.

One last thing, I just read over your deck again and I will say this.  If you're already running Shifting Sliver I'd always have at least 1 Brood Sliver in the deck; those free tokens that tap for mana and sac for life can be a real help.  Epecially if you drew more slivers ebcause of Synapse Sliver.

Hope that helps man.

id cut it to 1-2 colors especially if you cantr afford duolands.

pulmonic sliver should go, id cut most of your slivers whose abilities dont stack to 1 or even 0 and focus on stackable stats.

My favorite version of slivers tends to go WBG... red and blue have nice slivers but going hard on Necrotic, Harmonic, Essence, Ward, Crypt, Muscle, etc, has always proven better for me.... Three colors is pretty do-able especially if you run gemhide. (And if you do that you can always pocket a ringer card in another color off set.)
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