Very Organized Jund Zombie Control

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Lands: 23
3x blood crypt
4x overgrown tomb
1x dragonskull summit
4x woodland cemetery
2x rootbound crag
6x swamp
3x forest

Cards: 37

One Drops:
4x dryad militant
3x appetite for brains
3x pillar of flame
1x tragic slip

Two Drops:
4x black cat
3x sign in blood
4x strangleroot geist
4x farseek

Three Drops:
1x tribute to hunger
3x vampire nighthawk

Four Drops:
4x desecration demon
3x shimian specter
1x garruk relentless
4x mutilate

Five Drops:
4x thragtusk
1x vraska the unseen
3x curse of death's hold

X Drops:
1x rakdos's return
1x bonfire of the damned

Total Sideboard: 15 (vs hard aggro decks)
3x pillar of flame
1x tragic slip
3x tribute to hunger
4x mutilate
4x farseek
3x curse of death's hold

Let me know if you guys have suggestions, I am always looking to improve.

Also for those of you who just scan sites and copy people's decklists, you should quit playing this game because you will never actually get better Tongue Out

Worry only about the current. Think about the rest. And you wont have to worry.

I don't mean to be rude, but this deck is all over the place, I can't really tell what your going for, do you want to be a control deck or an aggro deck? Seems like you kind of just smashed them both together and came out with this, I would suggest droping the dryad militant and replacing it with deathrite shaman, he provides an effective and consistant way to hit your enemy in the face.

beyond that I can't really offer anymore support because the deck could go either way, kind of looks like your going for a midranged thing too, but still unsure how I can help.
Zombie control with 4 zombies... Did u mean that this deck is meant to control zombie decks??
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