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Hi everyone!

I am genuinely reaching out to ask for help from the community, I am needing some research results for my research thesis on the subject of online gaming and I would really be eternally grateful if anyone is able to help me by participating in my 'Online Game Research Survey' 2012 for my final thesis. 

I am hoping you have a few minutes to help fill out a survey I created in the hopes to contribute and finishing my thesis results, don't worry no personal information is asked of you, only participation in answering questions!
I love playing online games so what better way to research than incorporating my research with games!

The team I am in have contributed to make a general online server to do with gaming!
I really need your help!

The survey is at surveymonkey:

I will honestly be eternally grateful 

Thank you very much!


Done only took like two minutes
Started it, but since it's an online gaming survey and I don't play any online games it would be kind of pointless for me to complete the survey.  
all done, hope it helps

Started to, but then realized that this seemed geared totally to MMORPGs, not table-top paper-and-dice.
I've tried a few MMOs, and got bored with the whole thing.
One aspect that is severely limited is that almost every game has every character, regardless of class or race or other origin, run through the same adventures. Always.
LotRO was mildling interesting, in that there was some variation, but from lvl 10 or 12 onward, everyone still ended up in the same place, but in the early levels, race allowed for some mild variation.

All done. np.

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