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20x Islands

4x Mind Sculpt
4x Tome Scour
4x Thought Scour
4x Jace's Erasure
4x Brainstorm
4x Think Twice
4x Increasing Confusion 4x [c]Fog Bank
4x Jace's Phantasm 
4x Laboratory Maniac 

Comment and give advices. Ah and aslo i've got three questions:

1. We're losing the game instantly after having no cards in library or at the moment when we must draw a card but we have empty library?
2. Jace's Erasure works for every drawn card?(for example if I draw three cards, will also three cards go to graveyard? 
3. Some cards like Rest in Peace but in blue?
You don't lose until you draw the card but you have no cards in the library.

Yes about Jace's Erasure. Cards like Teferi's Puzzle Box work really well with Jace's Erasure.

Mono blue mill should run Hedron Crab, along with counters like Counterspell

Can't think of anything like Leyline of The Void or Rest in Peace that's blue, that's not really a blue thing. You could run a few Bojuka Bog 

I don't bite, don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or thoughts about deck ideas I post or anything Magic the Gathering related. My Causal Modern Decks Swag Flu (Mono Black Infect) American Super Friends (White/Blue/Red Planeswalker Control) Hong Kong (White/Red Norin Tokens)
Any ideas of cards like Howling Mine or Font of Mythos? And i've got another question: Copies of howling mine/font of mythos will give additional cards but it doesn't matter if i have 1 or 4 teferi's puzzle box because effects will be the same right? 
there's a ton of graveyard hate in good cheap artifacts relic of progenitus is probably the best. continous effect though - i dont kow any.

as for your deck.
first, laboratory maniac simply makes the deck into a mill deck that is slightly safer because it doesnt mill opponbent but yourself, but also risky in that without maniac you are effectively killing yourself. If you DO want to win by selfmill you need cards that reward you for doing so or does so more effectively than you could mill opponent. here's some:
pedantic learning
telemin performance
crumbling sanctuary
mirror-mad phantasm

as for your current card choices: I believe if you playtest this deck you will finsd that on average you are excrutiatingly slow in achieving lethal mill. Like atm you could win the game t10+

You need cards that mill for substantially more than 5 or draw and ore spells that mill.
How about this:

20x Islands

4x Mind Sculpt
4x Tome Scour
4x Jace's Erasure
4x Increasing Confusion
4x Fog Bank
4x Jace's Phantasm
4x Laboratory Maniac
2x Counterspell

4x Howling Mine
4x Font of Mythos

Teferi's Puzzle Box
Relic of Progenitus 
Sorry but cards that you've suggested are too old/rare or have too high CMC, sorry. You know it would be hard to find them and I would wany this deck to be cheap in mana costs.
the thing is though, without them you just have a bad mill deck. Laboratory maniac is not worth playing if you try to mill yourself with the spells you've chosen.
also you get all of them for 0,5$ each on a netstore. Less if you find a less known and expensive netstore...

howling mine and font is a twoedged if you want to play them you need to find a way to blunt oppoentns offense - the easiest is 8-12 sweeps altho theres a lot this doesnt stop.

youve managed to speed up your deck considerably, but now youve set yourself up for a complete wipeout quite early in the game.
Increasing Confusion is a bit meh in here without decent accel. I'd replace it for cheaper mill stuff.

Maniac makes no sense in here - you want to be milling them entirely. LabMan works better in a combo deck.

Phantasm is also a bit unnecessary in my opinion - getting a big guy just gives their removal a target.

Hedron Crabs plus Land Fetch is good.

Archive Trap has the potential to be nasty.
actually the best way to play manic is lots of counterspells/creature protection, draw and golgari thug - with a discard outlet...
actually the best way to play manic is lots of counterspells/creature protection, draw and golgari thug - with a discard outlet...

Hermit Druid or Cephalid Illusionist + Nomads en-Kor is faster in my opinion.
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