Has anyone made any Halloweeny Themed Campaigns in 5e??

I don't really have time to build a second campaign so I was wondering if anyone has built any halloween themed camaign even just a short one...I'm hoping the new playtest packet comes with one or one i can tiwst a bit to feel halloweeny but figured it can't hurt to ask if anyone has made one.

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I'll take that as a no....oh well I'll just adjust the monsters in the next few encounters of my campaign and skew the story to be a bit more spooky for the duration.
I am still working on one for my group. It's heavily influenced by The Walking Dead, and I used the adventure Expedition to Castle Ravenloft as well, for zombie infestation.

It's all loose right now, but here's the concept.

The PCs are in a prison, in some town (not their home). They have been arrested for a crime they did not commit. During the time spent in holding, they are beat to unconsiousness several times to get info. On one such occasion, while out, there is an attack on the town (that they don't know about).

They wake up about 2 weeks later. Everything is quiet. There are bodies of guards outside the cells. this is where it starts for them. They have nothing. No food, no water, no equipment, and no way out of the cells.

The idea here is that they are going to have to find a way to get out, and discover the infestation. This town is the start of the plague. If you have, or can get the EtCR, you should. The section about the zombies is great. Once they discover the plague's source, they can try to stop it. They will get the source, but... It's time to run now. 

On the game mechanic side of things, I am trying to make the zombies better over levels. Level one is straight forward. I have the regular zombie, and an infected zombie, which is worth 30xp instead of 20, because of the infection. I need saving throw info for this part.

Anyone have thoughts on this? 
It needs to be only a day at most. You can't live long without water eve of if you are unconscious
I'm not sure how long it takes for non humans to dehydrate, but I'll meet you on your side of the middle. It's 45 degrees, and it has been 5 days.  
Most Epidemics can spread in mere hours so a day or two is more than enough for everyone to be dead or gone
If that's how you want it, then go for it. I'm thinking longer term and beyond this town.

How's the scenario for you?
Heh I wasn't saying you had to I was just saying its possible...make em out for a year, have the zombies at the point of having zombie congress,etc. it would be hilarious...or exactly the same lol :P

Seriously though I love the scenario...its basically just survive as opposed to going out looking for loot.
 Make the zombies actually convert others on scratch or bite. I'll bet people really want AC then :P
Or I s'pose you could just have them convert on death. But make it a threat!
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