HiI have a question regarding cowering and damage exceeding current hp.my creature is 20 hp, damage dealt is 40.I want to cower.How much morale do is loose? killercroc

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I have a question regarding cowering and damage exceeding current hp.

my creature is 20 hp, damage dealt is 40.

I want to cower.

How much morale do is loose?      

You loose 1 morale per 10 points of damage prevented. So as it stands you would be preventing 40, loosing 4 morale. But if you were to play an immediate that reduced the damage first, say by 20, then you would only cower the remaining 20, loosing 2 morale.

What you cannot choose to do, for example, is take 10 damage and cower for the remaining 30. You either cower for the full amount of damage (after preventing some if you can) or you take the hit.
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