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D&D Insider ArticleDungeon 207 

By Logan Bonner, Craig Campbell, Christopher Perkins, Claudio Pozas

This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dungeon 207.

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Guys, just go back to leaking your crappy articles out every few days, then compile at the end of the month. This is stupid.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

CustServ advised me the article is up now.

Are we going to get a breakout of articles for forum postings?  Or will we have to read through tons of irrelevant material to find a post?

  • Starhaunt – Liked the Far Realms elements [as that horrid realm and Primordials are the main protagonist for my 4E campaign]; plus it comes with a nice map.

  • Timbergouge – so-so.

  • Fair Barovia – Liked that Vallaki finally gets a good map and key; however, the Ruins of Lysaga Hill [map] is lame.  The Monastery of the White Sun is adequate.  I like the conclusion’s ironic twist at the end.

IMHO: Never cared for “Saint” in the DnD and prefer the term Exarch.


Its a solid Dungeon. Very good Ravenloft and Starhaunt adventures and a rather nice Domain of Dread article too. Nice artwork and maps too.
This is a solid Dungeon.  I would prefer 4-6 adventures per issue, but this issue should silence the page-count nazis until next month.

I co-authored Starhaunt with Chris Perkins. I hope you enjoy the adventure. I had a ton of fun writing it.

Craig Campbell
I co-authored Starhaunt with Chris Perkins. I hope you enjoy the adventure. I had a ton of fun writing it.

Craig Campbell

Starhaunt is a great addition to far realm/evil star mythos that has been building throughout 4e. There's enough material out there now that I'm confident you could run an entire campaign on stars. This particular adventure looks like a lot of fun and I've put it on my "must do" list of adventures I plan to DM at some point. Thanks for the good work!

Fair Barovia:

Misspelling of Dilysnia.

From the original I6 adventure (and other sources) it should be Dilisnya.

Fair Barovia:

Was there a purpose to the Far Realm’s influence beside a red herring?  Lingering madness caused by Ludmilla Markov’s death over a 3-day period does not seem sufficient cause.  Just seems like a wasted 1,600xp [I added it as 1,700+50 per PC] encounter that may have been spent better on the actual storyline.

The encounter also doesn’t fit well with the creature’s BoVD write-up

If using the RoT timeline [therefore Strahd XI] this grisly crime happened only 37 years ago and should be remembered by most of the adult population.  Additionally I would think the townsfolk and the church would have removed the chains and hooks and purified the place after they recovered her body and Frantisek Markov escaped. 

Note: In this same timeline Kasimir would be well over 207 making him elderly as described.

Fair Barovia:

It is a shame that the cannibalistic Goblyn, a foul magical alteration of humans has become an excuse to throw evil fey gnomes at the adventurers.  The abilities of the original Goblyn are much better suited for the realm of shadows than the Spriggan.  A little work at monster building could have made this encounter’s implications more horrifying.


Since Allabar avoids the hungry pull of Acamar [MM2/197] in fear of being ripped apart and devoured, perhaps Caiphon or one of the four non-detailed baleful stars could have been used instead.

Where in the name of Vecna is a write up [the fluff] for the Starwarped (Initiates and Sentinels)?

I like that all the adventures were in 1 pdf. I just tag it on my own computer and it's instantly available whenever I need it.
Great Product Chris and Team. The Dungeon magazines have been really good since Baba Yaga in #196 I think. Please keep up the hard work.
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