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Forging The Realms 
The Player Pack

By Ed Greenwood

In the early 1990s, I ran several short "mini" Realms campaigns at the public library I worked at. Neither I nor the players wanted to waste a lot of time getting started, so I provided pregenerated player characters with backstories, and a starting direction for play in the form of a charter for the PC adventuring band. As the Company of the Dragon (or the Wyvern, Basilisk, Cockatrice, Falcon, or whatever) they began working together somewhere in Cormyr, with a small, simple mission they had to fulfill in return for that charter.

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose
D&D Insider ArticleDungeon 207

By Logan Bonner, Craig Campbell, Christopher Perkins, Claudio Pozas

This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dungeon 207.

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D&D Insider ArticleDragon 416
Art Gallery

By D&D Team

This month in Dragon: Meet D&D’s legendary vampire and vampire hunter. Test your mettle against the Knight of the Black Rose. Give your vampiric character a magical boost. Plus, two new character themes inspired by the Ravenloft campaign setting. Here now are a full set of the illustrations from Dragon 416!

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