Quest for Glory Kickstarter?

This is not an advertisement - it is simply information for interested parties.  I am not asking anyone to spend money on any products or services.

Hi all! Long-time lurker to the forums and even longer roleplayer.  I just wanted to pass along some cool news from the electronic side of roleplaying.  Some of you might have enjoyed the Quest for Glory series throughout the 90s.  These games were a terrific solo option when my buddies were not available to roll the dice.  Lori and Corey Cole designed five of these RPG adventure games.  They are working on a new game based in the same world as Quest for Glory, Gloriana.  It's not a sequel to the QfG series, but it should be just as amazing.
The game is called Hero-U, as in Hero University.  They are 37% into their kickstarter and are offering some awesome rewards for supporters.  I'm not asking anyone to contribute, but if you remember this game series please consider checking out the Hero-U kickstarter at:

Thanks and keep gaming!