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I have a laptop I use in the living room, and a laptop I use in the bedroom. Whenever I switch from one to another, I have to login again, even if I've logged in quite recently. It didn't always work this way, unless my memory is playing tricks on me.

It's easy to imagine mechanisms that would lead to this effect (put a value in the cookie and on the database; if they don't match, login again), but the net effect is irritating. If they really must secure it, give me a certificate that I can install to multiple machines, and gate the number of connections I can make to something reasonable per unit of time.

I get that they probably don't want college roommates to share passwords or whatever (although I think that is short-sighted), but the current login service is just one more frustration (and the silverlight implementation causes enough frustrations right on its own).
What I find annoying is that on ONE computer I'll be browsing the boards (or working in the character builder) and suddenly not be logged in any more.

Also, when using the Compendium when not logged in, after you click one entry and go through the login process so you can see the details, it would be nice if you remained logged in when moving on to the next entry. 
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Log in from the main WOTC D&D page.  If you do that you will stayed logged in on the compendium. 

At least until they radomnly log you out in a few days.
Wotc tech and support, those are three words that do not mix at all.

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I've already had to log in twice in the past day on this computer on the same router. It's not unusual for me to have to re-log in every time I visit any part of the site, even those visits are withing hours or minutes of each other.


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Do you think this is some wierd attempt at preventing piracy (or at least account sharing) of the DDI system? I'm thinking it might have something to do with blocking access to apps that connect to DDI or at least making them inconvenient to use by forcing you to keep logging in. I know that sounds goofy, but WotC is the company that thinks not selling PDF's is a good way to stop piracy.
I've found it to be connected to going and reading articles elsewhere on the site.  If you log in to the forum, you'll stay logged in more-or-less forever, but you often get kicked out if you go and read L&L or whatever.  It's a pain in the neck.
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