The Effect of Unconsciousness on Certain Abilities

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Is a character able to use certain abilities that don't take an action and grant benefits to its allies while it is unconscious?  For example, can an unconscious elf grant the +1 bonus to perception to his allies?  Can the unconscious bard grant the benefits of its abilities that don't require actions to its allies?
Generally yes. If a game element requires no action to use or doesn't specifically end if the user is unconscious while taking effect or require other factor such as needing to see or hear allies, then the effect still take place usually.

Group Awareness still grant bonus to Perception checks to ally within 5 squares wether the Elf is conscious or not for exemple - because it use no action and doesn't require the Elf to be conscious or to see or hear his allies to grant it.
Do you think they would make some of those types of abilities not function when the character is unconscious if they were to do a rewrite?  I noted that several of the more recent abilities do not workwhile the character is unconscious.  It seems it might have been an oversight rather than a design decision.
Probably, yes.
Some of them might be reworked entirely. +1 to Perception within 5 squares is not only easy to forget when it comes up, but it doesn't work very well when the game isn't currently running in grid-mode (in other words, most non-combat situations).
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